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Sunday, 19 January 2020

AHPC X Day 30 - Seventh Submission and Sunday Workbench 19 January

My Seventh submission has just been posted: link

I had fun producing those, but it was quite a long process, mainly due to drying times at various stages.

Now, however, I can switch back to painting things which don't cause a lot of down-time. I've already started work on my ninth submission, which I'll be finishing before I begin my eighth one. Yes, I know that doesn't make sense, but it's how I roll.

Anyway, here are the obligatory workbench pics:

I should get the painting finished tomorrow, then it's just a case of basing them.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

AHPC X Day 26 - Wednesday Workben...Sixth Submission

Sorry, no, you're not getting a "Wednesday Workbench" post this week for two very good reasons.

First off, my sixth submission has been posted a bit earlier than I'd expected:

You can find the post here: link

Secondly, I'm working on my next Challenge Island entry and I'm keeping it under wraps until it's finished and up on the Challenge blog. You shouldn't have to wait for too long to see it though, if all goes to plan.

Monday, 13 January 2020

AHPC X Day 24 - Fifth Submission

My fight submission to the Challenge was posted this morning: link

This completes my British Airborne forces for now. I might at some point add some Polish paras, (part of) a Reconnaissance Troop (jeeps with single Vickers K guns) and maybe some Tetrarch and/or Locust tanks for 6th airborne Division.

I'm taking a day's break from painting - I've been out shopping (some hobby, some non-hobby). Tomorrow I'll be working on some Pulp era "dames" - they should be a fairly quick job for my 6th submission.

Friday, 10 January 2020

AHPC X Day 21 - Friday Update 10 January

I've had a reasonably busy day of minioning over on the Challenge blog, which means that I haven't made quite as much painting progress today as I had hoped for. Even so, I should have my British Airborne supports finished and submitted this weekend.

There isn't that much really left to do - a few highlights on the areas basecoated before the wash step, then the wood, metal parts, base and touch-ups (mostly on flesh). I'll also need to add some blood stains on (and around) the casualty figures.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

AHPC X Day 19 - Wednesday Workbench 08 January

I've been making good progress on the British Airborne. The 17-pounder needs some wash over the metal details and the first few steps of painting the figures have been done. I should get a bit more done tonight.

If all goes well, I should have  this lot finished for submission at the weekend. Once they are done, my next set of figures will be some Pulp "dames" as my fee for my first trip in Sarah's Balloon on the Challenge Island map.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

AHPC X Day 18 - Fourth Submission

My forth submission for this year's Challenge was this quartet of early 80s Citadel armoured orcs. Here's a link to the post: link

I'm currently in 17th position on the table, but expect to slip down quite a bit over the next few days as my next submission will take me a few days to finish painting.

I've also done a little bit of work on a later entry today, but no pics r details until it's been submitted.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

AHPC X Day 15 - Third Submission

My third submission has been posted: link

I am (for now) in 18th place, and thanks to the bonus points from my first submission I am on track for my 1300 point target.

I'm hoping to have my fourth submission finished tomorrow:

They are mostly done; I've just got some shading/highlighting (mainly the metals), detailing and flocking to do. When these are out of the way, I think I'll switch to the extras for my WW2 British Airborne - probably about a week's work to paint up, but a good amount of points.