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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Workbench

I've spent most of this weekend prepping the SYW Russians and have finished them all. That just leaves putting them on sticks for painting, priming them, painting them and then basing them. Hmmm, maybe getting them all prepped isn't that much after all.

My starter force will comprise:

3 generals
2 artillery batteries (gun, crew and limber)
2 regiments of cuirassiers
2 regiments of dragoons or horse grenadiers (probably one of each for now)
2 regiments of hussars
2 regiments of line grenadiers
6 regiments of line musketeers

I hope to make a start on them this week, probably the infantry first. However, as the standards are cast on in such a way that they can't be removed, I'll need to decide which regiments they will be so that I know how to paint the flags.

I've also managed to pick up my paint brush for the first time in months today, and made a small start on the Mongol light foot. I'll probably do a little bit more before bed, maybe the coats.

I'll carry on with these over the next couple of evenings. They shouldn't take long to finish.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Goodies and Some Finished Bits

The missing Essex bits arrived today. Four packs of musketeers, two 2-horse limbers, two packs of dragoon command and one pack of hussars. Here they are on my workbench.

I've started prepping the Seven Years War figures today, so you might see the first units rolling off my table shortly. As much of their uniform is red, I am planning to use red car primer for the infantry and artillery (white or grey primer for cavalry; perhaps red just to keep things simple) but before doing that I need to check how the other colours work with it. I also need to work out which are the best colours for the uniforms - green for infantry and commanders; cornflower blue for dragoons. I also need to work out suitable buff colours for belts and cavalry uniforms. I sprayed a sheet of card with red primer during my lunch break and will be doing test patches later this evening.

The other evening I added a "baize" to one of the 4Ground tables I'd put together. It actually looks quite good.

I also finished the hovel - brushing the teddy bear fur with 50% PVA to make it better resemble thatch and fixing the smoke hole hood in place.

I know what you're all wondering. "But, what are those white-primed figures in the first photo?" Well, they're some Mongol light foot bowmen that have been prepped for quite a while. I need to get back into the swing of painting, and they should be quite a fast unit to paint up.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Made it to SELWG

Luckily my Amazon parcel got delivered just before 11.30 which meant that it would be reasonable for me to head down to SELWG. I ended up getting there just after 1pm.

First stop was the GZG stall - luckily the Evil Mr Tuffley was just heading off for a break when I got there, so I was able to keep to my shopping list and only buy the NSL power armour troops.

As I was heading away from there I bumped into Clint and had a brief chat. He let me know that the rejects were still around somewhere. After a catch up, Clint headed off home and I made my way around the traders and games upstairs before heading down to the main hall, having bought the Perry WotR plastics I wanted from Harfields.

I don't know if it was due to my late arrival, but it seemed emptier than previous years. A few empty spots where there are normally traders, some empty games tables and fewer attendees.

Downstairs, my first shopping stop was for some 4Ground bits from Colonel Bills. I bought a late medieval cottage and a bunch of furniture kits.

I also picked up a bottle of Army Painter yellow paint and strong tone wash, from Caliver I think.

Toddling round, I bumped into Big Lee and had a chat for a few minutes, then headed to the Essex stand to make my foray into the age of lace. As I hadn't spent excessively more than my original plans I decided to add a few bits to my planned order. A couple of packs were out of stock and they took my address and said they'd post them to me tomorrow.


Cavalry - top = cuirassiers; middle = dragoons; bottom = hussars

Commanders and artillery

On checking my goodies when I got home, I found that I'd been given an extra pack of grenadiers, but am missing 2 packs of dragoon command and one pack of hussars. I've checked the credit card slip against the list I gave them and I was definitely charged for them, so have emailed to ask for them to be added to the items which were out of stock when they post them.

I also discovered that the hussars are in mirlitons rather than colpacks/busbies. I'll probably have to grab hussars in busby from another nation (half the Russian hussars were in busby, half in Mirliton).

While at the Essex stall Postie came up to say hello and we chatted for a while. He told me Ray and Fran were somewhere around.

A few minutes later I heard the dulcet tones of the Bromantics from behind me. We had a chat and discussed purchases for a while. Apparently the big fella is going to be moving to the Emerald Isle in the not-too distant future, so I've told them to make sure they invite me down to a Rejects game before he fecks off.

I did a bit more bimbling around looking at games and trade stands before deciding at 3pm to call it a day and head home. On the way out I picked up a green base cloth.

A Somewhat Productive Saturday

I've actually done something on my workbench today. Not painting or figure prep, but usefully productive anyway.

Yup, I've been putting together stuff from 4Ground - an Anglo-Danish hovel, some coffins and some furniture. The roof of the hovel isn't finished yet; I'll do the last steps tomorrow evening.

The furniture you can see consists f a double bed, a single bed, 2 tables (I'll be adding the printed "baize" tomorrow), some stools and a safety deposit box. The pack had said it was boxes 1-15, but it had the 16-30 box fronts in the pack. Drat - I'll have to buy another (and check to make sure it has the correct box numbers!).

Unfortunately my plans to go to SELWG tomorrow are a little bit up in the air. Amazon tried to deliver a book I'd ordered this morning while I was out, but decided to take it back rather than leaving it with a neighbour. They will attempt delivery again tomorrow, but there's no indication of what time that will be. Hopefully it will be early so that I can get down to SELWG.

If I do manage to get down to Crystal Palace, my shopping list will have expanded from that indicated in Thursday's post. A lot of people at the club play King of the Battlefield, a set of Seven Years War rules written by one of the members. The games always look fun, I do have a copy of the rules and had been planning for a while to put an army together for it. So, Essex will be getting some money from me tomorrow if I can get down to SELWG. Initially, I'll be buying enough for a small brigade of infantry, a few cavalry regiments and an artillery battery. Oh, yes, you want to know which nation I'll be doing. Russian. There are too many Prussians and Brits/Hanoverians at the club and I didn't fancy painting lots of white-clad troops (having already painted a Choson Korean army for FoG).

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Planning My SELWG Purchases

It's that time of year again, so this Sunday should see me traipsing down to Crystal Palace on Sunday for the SELWG show if all goes well. I'm not planning on spending much, but as we all know no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Not that the traders are the enemy. Except of our bank balances. But you know what I mean, don't you?

I've been looking at the sprues of the Perry packs I bought on Monday (and the European Mercenaries pack I bought on a whim at some point) and have been working out what units for FoG I'll be able to make from them and what extra I need to order.

Luckily for my purse, I will only need to buy one more pack of the WotR Infantry and a few metals figure packs (commanders and light guns) to make up a 600 point army. If I ever want to expand the army, it will be relatively easy to do so by buying a couple more packs of infantry. I might also pick up a second pack of the mounted men at arms, which would allow me to make up 4 bases (12 figures) as knights and 4 bases (12 figures) of curreurs.

I also want to pick up a couple of packs of GZG's new NSL power armour troops. However, that damnable Mr Tuffley is always very good at persuading me to part with more money than planned so I suggest waiting to read my loot post on Sunday to see what else I bought.

I imagine there will also be some impulse buys.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Oh Dear, What's She Planning Now?

So, two weeks since my last post - they're getting closer together! I still haven't painted anything. My fatigue is improving, but I've done something to my right shoulder and need to rest it until it stops being sore. I'm hoping that this weekend will see me back in painting mode, finishing off the warehouse and corner store at long last.

For a while I've had a silly idea about doing a 28mm army for FoG, but wasn't sure what era I wanted to do, let alone what army. Then this weekend my brain suddenly had a moment of inspiration. I still haven't been able to identify the source, but I have a crack team one the case.

Whoops, my mistake. It appears I have a case team on crack. I guess I'll never find out.

This evening after work I did a little shopping trip to obtain some research materials. The advantage of working in central London - lots of useful shops. Here are the fruits of my shopping trip.

Well, that's it for today's post. I'm sure my next one won't take two weeks.

What's that? You want to know what is in the bags? Oh, since you asked so demandingly.

Yup, I'm going to do a Wars of the Roses army. Thanks to those great guys the Perry twins, I should be able to do the army relatively cheaply thanks to their plastics. I will need to complete the army with a few metals, but not many (just the commanders and artillery). Another factor that will keep the costs down is that FoG in 28mm uses smaller armies (500-650 points) and the troops for this army are relatively expensive points-wise.

Foyles didn't have the MAA145 book in stock, so I ordered it on Amazon when I got home.

Part of my research involves discovering what the sprues contain, so it was necessary to buy one each of the packs - WR1 Infantry, WR40 Mounted Men at Arms and WR50 Foot Knights.


The pack contains 3 infantry sprues of 12 figures, 2 command sprues of 2 figures, a sprue of plastic bases and an information leaflet which has some examples of livery and some banners and standards.

Mounted Men at Arms:

This pack contains 3 sprues of men at arms of 4 figures, 4 horse sprues to make up 3 horses each, a sprue of plastic bases and an information leaflet which has some examples of livery and some banners and standards.

Foot Knights:

This pack contains 6 sprues of 6 foot knights, 1 command sprue of 2 figures, a sprue of plastic bases and an information leaflet which has some examples of livery and some banners and standards.

Given my family background, my army will be Lancastrian - apologies to any White Roses following my blog. However, all the retinues will be of fictional knights and lords so that I can do them in whatever livery colours I want (within reason!). Deciding on the liveries should keep me out of trouble for a few days until my shoulder heals.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Recovering Gradually

Well, it's just over 3 weeks since my last post which is a much smaller gap than between that and the one before. I am steadily recovering from the fatigue, but still not 100% there. Hopefully I'll be fully recovered in a couple more weeks.

I still haven't managed to get back to painting, but I have in the last few days managed to get in some games. Both times I thought I'd put my camera in my bag, but discovered I hadn't.

On Thursday Simon and I played a rather large game of Full Thrust - roughly 4000 points of ships each. That equates to the Mega Fleets from GZG - a few capital ships, a bunch of cruisers and a small flotilla of escort ships. Simon had his NSL; I finally got my NAC out for a game.

Simon had split his fleet into 3 squadrons. His SDN squadron was coming in from one corner, the other 2 squadrons were coming in from the other corner, so were effectively 2 squadrons. I split my fleet into 2 squadrons as well. My main squadron had the capital ships plus the heavy and escort cruisers. The other squadron had 2 light cruisers, 2 destroyers, 2 frigates, 3 corvettes and 3 scouts.

My capital ship squadron decided to take on his SDN squadron, while my escort squadron acted as a sacrificial delaying/distraction sacrifice force against Simon's other squadrons.

My plan worked out quite nicely, or rather it would have done if we'd been able to play the game out to a conclusion. Unfortunately we only managed to play out 3 turns due to the combined effects of having so many ships on the table and Simon having to field calls from a project team at work.

However the probable result was quite clear at this point. His SDN squadron was just about to die gloriously with my capital squadron being largely intact. The remainder of his fleet would take several turns to be in a position to take on my capitals, by which time I'd have got myself into positions where I could take advantage of their reduced firing arcs by getting behind them. Admittedly I had lost all of my sacrificial delaying force and 1 heavy cruiser, but they had done a decent amount of damage to his remaining ships before being vaporised.

It was definitely interesting to compare the pros and cons of the 2 fleets. The NSL are able to put out a lot of firepower and can take a lot of damage thanks to their armour and strong hulls. The NAC can also put out a lot of firepower, perhaps not as much as the NSL. The screens on everything cruiser class or above helps to offset the fact that they have less armour and slightly weaker hulls. Speed and agility are the other major difference between the fleets. The NAC have a higher thrust rating which makes them more agile (more rapid acceleration/deceleration; can turn through tighter arcs [in Full Thrust, ships can use up to half their thrust points for turning, with each point of thrust so used giving a 30 degree turn]).

Sunday saw another big game of FoG run by Gordon. This month's battle was Brunanburgh, which saw the Saxon armies of Mercia and Wessex take on the combined might of the King of Dublin with his allies the Kings of Strathclyde and of Alba. This game saw us using Gordon's rather impressive collection of 25/28mm figures, some of which hadn't been played for over 30 years.

You may recall that during the Analogue Painting Challenge I submitted a figure of Egil Skalagrimsson? Well he was there at the battle. The man, not the figure! At the time he was in the employ of Aethelred of Wessex.

I ended up taking the role of Constantine, King of Alba on the left wing of our army. Our initial plan was for me to sweep out onto the right flank of the Wessex army. However, when we got back into the room we saw that they had deployed a substantial reserve force on that end of the table, so my plan went out  of the window. A quick discussion determined that I would instead just try to delay them enough to expose the right flank of the Wessex force for the Strathclyde Scots to exploit. Unfortunately Constantine took some tactical advice from Owain of Strathclyde. This entailed various manoeuvres which delayed my troops getting into action. When they did get into combat, they didn't fare too well. Mind you, it seemed to go very badly for the whole of our army and we were very close to being routed by lunchtime. Most of the losses were to the Scots and Irish troops. Rather than finish the day early, we decided to call the result as a massive victory for the Saxons and play the battle again after lunch.

For the second battle we cut down the number of troops on each side, with the two overall commanders pruning their lists according to some formula they had agreed. This battle went much the same way, with the Saxons wiping out almost all the Irish, the Viking mercenaries and a large proportion of the Strathclyde Scots. My Alban Scots were actually faring quite well and were getting close to taking the Wessex army's flank and rear.

All in all it was a good day of gaming, accompanied as always by excellent food from Gordon. Whilst I'm not sure that FoG are the best rules for recreating this type of warfare, Gordon's special rules did a good job of compensating by trying to force shield walls to stay solid - units with exposed flanks suffered an additional minus per exposed flank on cohesion tests and if they failed would suffer a double drop (eg from steady to fragmented rather than the normal steady to disrupted).

Another special rule was that commanders who were attached to units in combat had to fight in the front line. That meant they wouldn't be available to rally other units until their combat was over. We also had a handful of warlords who acted as generals only for the specific unit they were attached to.

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