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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Shopping and Sticking

I've been struck down with a gut bug the last two days, so I was quite pleased this morning when I woke up feeling much better. Well enough, in fact, to take a trip into central London to do a bit of hobby shopping. First port of call was 4D Model Shop, then onto Dark Sphere near Waterloo. Of course, my journeys weren't helped by various line and station closures on the Underground.

Anyway, I got all the bits I was after (I think) and a few other bits I hadn't planned on but had had in mind to buy at some point.

So, the haul:

Everything on top of a stack of four 25x310x600mm styrofoam

Some Raging Heroes "Jailbirds" character figures

Card sleeves for my Gruntz and Chicago Way decks - might need another

Airbrush stuff

Painting sticks and wires for my hot-wire cutter(s)

The styrofoam is intended for my Mexicagrave project, to make up terrain boards and pyramids.

The Raging Heroes figures will get painted up during the Challenge. I'm not sure at the moment whether to keep them on individual bases or do a bit of a diorama with them as a group. I had hoped to get a Coyote Crew pack, but they didn't have any in stock.

And I've just realised as I'm writing this that I accidentally picked up cleaner rather than thinner for my airbrush. Oh well, you can never have enough cleaner when you've got an airbrush. I'll just have to add thinner to the order I'll be placing with SnM Stuff shortly.

Well, that's enough of that, on with the rest of the post.

Once I'd had a bit of time to recover from the shopping trip, I decided it was time to put those painting sticks to good use. So, I grabbed the box containing my 6mm ACW stuff and set about sticking them onto the sticks for priming and painting.

In case you are wondering, on these sticks there are enough figures for 10 mounted cavalry regiments, 8 dismounted cavalry regiments, 4 artillery pieces, 30 generals/staff and the horse teams for 8 limbers. I still need to glue the wheels onto the limbers before putting them onto painting sticks.

I'll have a few spare mounted and dismounted cavalry figures. From the mounted, some of the command groups are destined to go on the dismounted cavalry bases (for some reason, the packs contain 1 command strip and 5 skirmisher strips, rather than 2 and 4 which would make more sense). The rest will get individually based as couriers/tempo point markers. The extra dismounted skirmishers could get used as infantry skirmishers I suppose.

The generals will be used to make up 3 command stands for each army and the remainder will go onto infantry and cavalry bases as brigade commanders.

My plan for tomorrow is to do some more sticking of figures onto painting sticks, bases or washers. Oh, and placing a few orders over the old interwebbything. You see, I've been making some plans for this year's Challenge...

Sunday, 16 October 2016

New Table and A Courthouse Confrontation

My new table and chairs were delivered just before 9am this morning and two hours later they were unpacked and assembled. I'd acquired quite a bit of white polystyrene packaging from the various packs of flat-pack furniture I've bought over the last few months. So, I sorted through it to find anything which might be suitable for making hill shapes, then dug out my little hot-wire cutter and set about shaping them. These will be for going underneath a cloth, so no need to painting, gritting and flocking.

I know what you're thinking - cream/ivory coloured seats, how long until they get dirty. Yes, well...

Various hill, ridge and undulation pieces

And under a cloth
I do have two more pieces that need shaping. Unfortunately I managed to snap all five cutting wires I had - a mixture of flimsy wire and me trying to go too fast/hard with the cutting. I'll have to take a trip to 4D Model Shop at some point to either get more wires or a new cutter.

Just after I'd taken the photos above, I thought it might be nice to see how much space all the buildings I've painted up for Salutesville cover so I put down my grey slate floor tiles and arranged the buildings. Of course, it would have been a shame to waste the opportunity to get out some of the vehicles and all the figures for a photo session, so that's exactly what I did.

A Courthouse Confrontation

The feds have caught up with Il Postino Diablo and he's been arrested and taken to the Supreme Court for arraignment. Anticipating trouble, Salutesville's Finest have mounted a heavy guard to prevent any rescue attempts...

Unaware of what is about to go down, Salutesville's citizens go about their daily business...

As Evil Postie is the only one who knows where all their ill-gotten gains are stashed, his mob react to liberate him. Ray "The Badger" Rousell's gang are first on the scene:

One of Big Lee's Bad Boys has managed to sneak behind some of the coppers:

And Fran's mob are starting to arrive in dribs and drabs:

Will they manage to break him out of custody? Read all about it in the late edition:

And the band played on...

So, the buildings I've painted so far do cover a 3' x 4' table quite nicely. I've got another seven to assemble and paint at some point which are all reasonably large, so I could potentially fill a 4' x 6' table. Time to acquire some street features I think.

Oh, and then there's the docks, the rail freight yard, Chinatown, the rural retreat...

Saturday, 15 October 2016

River Test 2

Time for an update I guess. I've been doing some more figure prep during my lunch breaks this week - at the moment I'm working on some reinforcements for my 6mm ACW armies. When they're done I'll start prepping the Essex figures I picked up at SELWG. Once they're all done, it will be time to get them stuck onto sticks or bases and primed.

Anyway, I've been taking it a little bit easy today and did another test paint on that river section, this time starting with the dark green and wet blending some Payne's Grey and some olive green into it.I still wasn't happy with the look - too much of the dark blue, so I added another thin coat of the dark green with a few more olive streaks blended in:

First test

Second test

Second test

I think that going forward the best thing would be to paint some thin patches of Payne's Grey before adding the dark green with olive streaks.

Tomorrow I've got my new dining table and chair being delivered - it's 90 x 150cm (3' x 5') so should be ideal for home gaming, especially if I get some 2' x 4' MDF boards to take it up to 4' x 6'.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

1066 And All That

Before I get onto the stuff relating to the title of this post, just a quickie about what I've been doing with my two days off.

Yesterday started with chores, mainly related to shifting furniture around in my living room and then assembling the last of my bookshelf units. This one was a bit more fiddly as there were two drawers to assemble as well. With that in place I was able to transfer most of my wargames rules, Ospreys and magazines to them.

Today I spent a bit of time prepping figures - they've now been washed and are drying off on kitchen towel now. I also decided to do a test paint on one of the latex river sections. The paint went on very nicely, but I did make a bit of a booboo - I added static grass before applying a coat of Klear so some stray fibres got trapped in that. Tomorrow evening (back at work unfortunately) I might have a go at stripping the paint and flock off. Anyway here are a couple of pics, including the "flex test":

Loose flex

Tight flex

I'm not sure about the colour - I did a base coat of Paynes Grey then wet blended some dark green in. I think it looks a bit too blue, so maybe doing the two colours the other way round and perhaps wet blending in some streak of a lighter green would look better.

So, 1066 And All That. Last night saw the second of two big multi-player games of ADLG organised by Gordon. I missed Stamford Bridge last week as I wasn't feeling brilliant, but did make it to the club for yesterday's refight of the Battle of Hastings. I was given command of the Breton contingent.

The Normans and allies started off table and in the first turn would deploy into a box representing the base of Senlac Hill, roughly opposite the centre of the English line and then carry out their first moves. The Normans were given 4 minutes per turn to complete any moves; the English only got 3 minutes. Naturally this added quite a bit to the friction, particularly for our first turn where we also had to transfer troops from one table to another. Especially as I found that the Fleming & French contingent who only had three pips were blocking my Bretons from actually moving out of the deployment zone!

Normans at end of turn 1 - still some troops on the other table

My goal was to try to get around the right flank of the English, using my light and medium foot to go through the difficult terrain there. My cavalry (no knights for the Bretons) were meant to act as a threat and to exploit any gaps. Given that my contingent had the furthest to travel, it would have been better if the Flemings had deployed behind us, but our CinC decided otherwise...

Things got rather chaotic so I didn't get many pics, but here are the ones I did take:

Yay! Finally moving!

and from a different angle

Table at the end of the game - 6 out of 8 of my medium cavalry dead...

Fighting uphill meant that at best the Normans would be on evens at impact and usually down in melee. Almost all the English facing me were armoured, which meant I'd need fluky dice to do any damage to them. It didn't help that I'd forgotten that light troop shooting benefits from bases behind as well as to the side.

As the game wore on, and given how badly the Normans and Flemings were getting mauled (being down at least one factor and then having crap dice) we decided to throw everything we had into the battle line, so I charged in with my medium foot and medium cavalry. Against (mostly) undamaged, armoured heavy foot. You can probably guess how that went.

To my right, the Flemings had managed to lose both of their commanders to "Jeavon the General Killer". Billy B'tard threw himself into the fray to try to help out. On his second try, Jeavon managed to "Kill Bill" making three generals from four attempts:

It was a good game overall, despite the reversal of history. It probably didn't help matter that the English players mostly had plenty of experience with ADLG whereas the Normans (especially the CinC) generally had very little.

It may have been better for the Normans to be allowed to deploy anywhere along the baseline rather than being restricted to the central deployment zone. Another thing that might have made the battle a bit more even would have been for either the Normans to have slightly more points than they did or for some of the English to have started with reduced cohesion to represent fatigue from the long, fast march South.

Just for the record, all the figures were 25/28mm from Gordon's collection.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

SELWG 2016 - Lootz

This morning I got up nice and early to head down Saarff ov tha rivva (the lands where black-cab drivers do not go...) to Crystal Palace for SELWG. I actually got there a good few minutes before the doors opened, so joined the queue.

My first stop once inside was to pay my obeisance to The Evil Mr Tuffley. After a brief chat about the rapidly expanding new and resculpted lines I handed over the grand sum of £6 for a pack each of the new ESU and NSL Jaeger SAW troopers, before he managed to persuade me to diversify into the Moongrunt range as well!
Hobby news - TEMT hopes to have all the support weapon packs for the ESU, NSL Jaeger, Islamic Federation and OutRim Coalition ranges ready in time for Warfare in November.

After I made my escape from temptation, I made my way to the games on the balcony area intending to make a start on my usual round of taking pics of all the games. At this point I discovered that I'd forgotten my camera. Oh well, I just began a tour of all the games before shopping,

I did meet up and chat with various people while I was there: Postie, Ray, Clint, Ian and Big Lee from the Rejects; Peter W, Clive, Ian G, Ian N, Martin B, Andy, Sean, Bart and Jerry from the Central London club (I did see a couple of others at various times but didn't get to chat); plus a couple of bloggers - Simon (Big Red Bat) and Dave Showell (If In Doubt, Charge!). I'm sure I've forgotten a few people, but that's my memory for you.

The GZG figures were the only ones I purchased at the show; the rest of my spending was on terrain and small bits. After a few tours around the traders and games I finally popped along to Essex Miniatures to collect a small package of figures which I had purchased during the week for collection at the show.

Anyway, I guess it's time for pics of the lootz:

My Essex package

Cacti and corn stalks for Mexicagrave

Some loose weapons for Salutesville

Airbrush hexocam stencils

Primer, paints, mini-dice and the GZG figures

Road and river sections

I decided to open up the road and river section packs to see what you get:
Edit to add: The figures in these pics are on a 40mm square base

Latex river/stream sections from Early War Miniatures

Felt-backed road sections from S&A Scenics
I think I may end up buying another pack of the road sections from S&A Scenics to ensure that I have enough for a decent road layout on a 6' x 4' table, but I reckon that 7' of river/stream should be plenty (especially at £37 a pack!).

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Saturday Workbench

Gosh! Three weeks without posting. Sorry for leaving you bereft of my inane verbiosity for so long. The fact is that until today I didn't have anything to post about. Well, that's not strictly true - if I'd downloaded pics from my camera, I could have done an AAR of a game of Full Thrust. But I haven't actually done any painting over the past few weeks as I first of all got a bug to watch the whole of Babylon 5 again (including the films and "Crusade") and this past week I've been a bit wiped out in the evenings.

Anyhoos, I'm back in the swing of things now and have started work on the scatter terrain pieces that I primed a few weeks ago. At the moment I'm doing the stacks of sacks - they've had basecoats and a shading wash so far; the next step is to paint the integral bases that some of them have. I'll do that tomorrow and then switch to some of the other pieces, probably the crates and tea-chests.

WIP pics:

I used 3 different basecoats - Ivory, Pale Sand and White Grey - before a thin sepia wash

During the week I have been prepping the GZG figures I bought at Colours. I'll be sticking them on bases during the week while paint dries on the terrain. I expect that I'll just prime them for now, ready for painting during this year's Challenge.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Colours 2016 - The Lootz

Yes, it's the swagbag post from yesterday's trip to Colours. I did go with some purchases in mind, some potential purchases and enough money for any unintended ones.

The full haul

An unplanned purchase

The book was unplanned as were the average dice; the steel bases and the resin cargo bits were planned

The Pulp Figures pack was unintended; the GZG stuff next to it was a "see how they look" plan
 The GZG stuff - 2 packs each of the two new NSL codes (Jaegers) and the two new ESU Naval Infantry codes. They also had a new pack each for the OutRim Coalition and the Islamic Federation - I didn't buy those though. Mr Tuffley is going to be expanding all those ranges over the next few months it seems.

Bit of a SNAFU with these Essex cavalry...
The SNAFU was that I aksed for 4 packs of PNR23 and 3 of PNR24 which were Napoleonic Cossacks (to add some variety to my SYW ones - their costume and equipment hadn't changed much). When I unpacked my bag on getting home I discovered that they'd mistakenly given me PNB23 and PNB24 - Napoleonic British Hussars. So, I'm going to have to sort out exchanging them.

Static grass and a Flock Box from Warpainter

Who is the evil criminal genius of Salutesville?*
 *Postie, obviously!

Contents of the Flock Box package
The Flock Box wasn't a planned purchase as I hadn't realised that the company who produces them was going to be there. I had previously seen a number of reviews and was considering buying one, but wanted to see it for myself before doing so. My luck was in (although my wallet's luck wasn't, although for £35 it wasn't that drastic). That included a bottle of "tackifier" glue for making tufts, although that was a special deal at the show.

This morning I went out to get some batteries and some silicone paper to test it out. It turns out that the greaseproof paper I bought wasn't the siliconised variety. However, I'd also bought some parchment paper with and without foil backing. They were siliconised and seemed to work well, especially the foil-backed one. Why do you need siliconised paper? For making tufts of course - the silicone allows you to peel them off for sticking onto bases. I also tried it with PVA on a figure base - it worked very well for that too.

Now I just need to buy myself a plastic-handled metal sieve and I'll be all set to mass produce tufts for myself.

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