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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Challenge Day 53 - Korean Commanders Day 2

My powers of prediction were spot on - I wasn't in any state last night to even think about trying to paint details on the Korean commanders! I fully expect that I will be in a similar position tomorrow night...

I was still feeling the effects a bit this evening, so haven't done quite as much as I'd have liked. I have got all the metals done. I'd forgotten what a PITA doing the studs/rivets on the brigandine coats is.

Anyhoos, here are a couple of pics of them:

Of course, this leaves me with more work to do on Friday night and Saturday to get them finished. I should still manage to finish them in time to submit this weekend though (unless I'm still feeling the effects of Thursday's team meal with our departing manager when I get home on Friday).

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Challenge Day 51 - Korean Commanders Day 1

It turns out I'm only going to have three evenings for painting this week. Tomorrow night is my manager's official escape leaving do at work, then on Thursday our team will be going out for a meal with him.

With that in mind, I've cracked on this evening and made good inroads into painting the Korean commanders:

I'll do a little bit more on them before I go to bed - the boots on the escorts and the wooden spear and halberd shafts.

On Wednesday evening, I'll be doing the metals and as much of the detail work as time allows, with the aim of just having touch ups and Klear/ink coat to do on Friday (plus sticking them onto bases and adding ballast to the bases ready for finishing off on Saturday).

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Challenge Day 50 - Sunday Update

You remember when I told you that I wasn't going to paint anything today? Well, that was my intention, but then I thought "Hmmm, those three Korean spearmen/standard bearers should be pretty quick to paint up - let's do them".

And I did, and they didn't take long. About an hour, even with all the going back to touch up the fiddly areas. I'll do the Klear/ink coat later on.

That leaves me free to concentrate on the commanders over the next few evenings.

Challenge Day 49 (Again!) - Green Stuff

Why again? Well, I accidentally put day 49 in yesterday's post title.

I ended up pulling a late-nighter yesterday to be able to finish the Koreans today.

Which I did, and the post has been published here. These took me over my original 1000 point target with 6 weeks left until the Challenge ends. As I want to take things a bit easier now, get some gaming in and have fun painting I've only increased my target to 1300 points.It might get raised to 1500 points later on.

Since finishing the cavalry, I've been playing with Green Stuff. For my "Mexicagrave" project, I will need wizards and my plan is to use Aztec priests and maybe captains in that role. To that end I deliberately didn't glue weapons into the hands of one of the priest figures and the Tzimitzli captain.

I have an idea for simulating balls of magic in their hands but haven't tried it to see if it will work. If it doesn't, I'll need something to put in their hands, so out came the Green Stuff.

I started by rolling some out into very thin lengths and twisting three strands together into staff shapes, then squidging the ends into heads and tails. I then worried about fragility, so I cut some staff-length bits of 0.5mm piano wire and wound thin lengths around those. I had some little blobs left over so I made some smaller shapes as well.

Staffs with wire; odd bits; staffs without wire.
I'm leaving these to dry and harden overnight. Any of the bits that I don't end up using could end up as treasure tokens.

Tomorrow I'll be taking a day off from painting to catch up with reading. During the week, I'll be paintign up the nine Korean command group figures. I realised that the groups were lacking one thing - some poor grunts to carry the flags, so I've just picked out three regular infantry figures with long spears and glued them onto a painting stick. I'll prime them tomorrow - painting those three should be pretty quick.

After that, I'll probably return to the 6mm Rebs - I've still got cavalry, Zouaves and commanders to paint

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Challenge Day 49 - Almost There

The Korean "irregular cavalry" have taken a little bit longer than anticipated to finish. Mainly because some of the details are incredibly fiddly, with the inevitable requirement to go back and do touch-ups. I did those this evening, then painted the horses' eyes and gave the figures a coat of my Klear/ink mix.

Here's a pic of them having just done that final stage:

Here's a rear view pic of them taken last night:

Of course, this means that to be able to get them completed in time to submit tomorrow, I'm going to have to make a change to the way I do my basing. I'll need to quickly prime the edges of the MDF bases white to make them easier to paint the final colour onto - I'll do that after this post.

Once these are done, I'll take a mini-break to catch up on reading. Then it will be onto painting the Korean commanders. Or maybe some more Aztecs. Who knows?

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Challenge Day 46 - WIPs and Goodies

OMG - I haven't posted since Sunday night! About time to update you all then.

On Monday night I painted the leg and face markings on all the horses, and went over the washed ivory base of the white horse with Off White. I then painted the figure bases with Khaki Grey. I wasn't feeling up to doing much that night.

Last night I didn't do a whole lot either. I decided to separate out the three sticks of figures for command stands to paint separately next week, leaving just the figures for the "irregular cavalry". I painted the faces and hands, and then did the horse tack. I also painted the wood of the bows and spear/halberd shafts.

Pic taken before I painted the bows and spear/halberd shafts

This evening I've been feeling much more up to painting and have made excellent progress:
Hair (including beards)
Black undercoat on blades
Main colour of outer robes

They're looking pretty good. Later on I'll be painting the trim colour on the outer robes and doing the saddle cloths. If I have time before bed, I'll do a Sky Grey undercoat on the sleeves and trousers of their paji suits.

That just leaves painting the paji suits white, doing the cloaks boots, leather parts (belts, scabbards, quivers), shafts and flights of the arrows and the blades of weapons. Oh, and the eyes of the horses. It should just about be possible to finish them tomorrow.

Two of the orders I placed on Sunday have come in. These from Arcane Scenics yesterday:

And these paints from SnM Stuff today:

The three on the left are replacement stock for colours that I'm running low on. As is always the way, I noticed I was running low of another colour the day after I placed the order. Oh, well, such is life.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Challenge Day 43 - Sunday WIP

I haven't done a great deal on the painting front today. Last night I applied the horse colour basecoats for the Korean irregular cavalry and commanders.

This afternoon I painted manes, tails and points where these wouldn't be the base colour (ie, for bays, duns, blacks and some chestnuts). Once that was done, I applied my usual washes. And that's where I left them. I'll do the face and leg markings on the horses tomorrow night and maybe the tack if I have time. The riders (other than the commanders and their guards) should be a fairly quick paint.

I also re-primed the drunken pirate with black. I'll be working on him over the next four weeks whenever I have an appropriate gap in my schedule.

This evening, while taking things reasonably easy, I have been on a bit of a spending spree - some paints from SnM Stuff; some posable metal skeletons from Ebob Miniatures; some DeeZee beasties from Arcane Scenics; and some more Aztecs plus loose shields, weapons and banners from The Assault Group.

If I get time this week, I might also paint up a few more Aztecs - some of the warrior priests this time which should be fun.
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