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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday Workbench

Yesterday I did get the wagons, limbers, horses and slaves primed:

While I was doing that, I realised that I hadn't finished getting the Korean regulars and irregulars ready for the Challenge. Although I'd glued them onto bases, I hadn't added basing texture because I was waiting to see the results of my trial using coarse pumice gel on the crossbowmen. Having decided that that wasn't the way I wanted to go, for the rest of the Koreans I went with the tried and trusted method - spread superglue on base, dunk in a pile of medium grey ballast, shake of excess, leave to dry, seal with watered down PVA, leave to dry.

I got the superglue/ballast stages done in the morning, then went into town to do some shopping. The only hobby shopping was a stop into Dark Sphere to pick up a couple of paints I'm going to need and some Micro Art Studio resin bases for my Raging Heroes figures. Here's the loot:

Today, in between shopping and chores, I've been priming the Koreans. I've got them all done, ready to go for the Challenge:


I might do some terrain bits tonight, but then again I might decide to take it easy.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday Night Musings

Nope. The muse hasn't shown up. Oh well, guess I'd better just post an update of sorts.

Last weekend I placed an order for some bits and bobs from Essex Miniatures - the limbers I'd forgotten before, 2 wagons and some bits for my Sea Peoples and Nubians camps (a Sea Peoples ox cart and some slaves carrying goods). they arrived on Wednesday and with nothing else to distract me, I cracked on with prepping them. the wagons and limbers are of course for my SYW Russians.

This is what came:

I also ordered some more MDF bases from Tiny Tin Troops, but you don't want pics of those.

Good, didn't think so!

This evening, I got all the horses and slaves stuck onto painting sticks, and assembled the wagons, limbers and the ox cart.

I'll be priming them tomorrow morning (not the ox cart - that will get primed alongside the rest of the Sea Peoples). The I guess I'd better do some terrain painting just to keep me out of mischief.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Korean Crossbowmen Finished

In a spurt of activity, aided by using brush-on matt varnish instead of spray, I was actually able to get the Korean crossbowmen finished this evening. And here are the pics:

Admittedly, they're not my best work but they won't be in the front rank so will only be seen by me.

These will probably be my last painted figures until the Challenge starts. Between now and then I intend to work on terrain bits, just to get it out of the way and keep myself busy.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

WIP - Korean Crossbowmen Day 1

Despite a painful right shoulder (slept in an awkward position!) I got in a decent afternoon of painting on the Korean crossbowmen. 

I've just got the white, metals and touch-ups to do before they get a coat of Klear/ink, leaving just the bases to stain and dry-brush, spray matt varnish and flocking. I'll be able to get all but the last two steps done tomorrow evening and will take them to work on Tuesday to do the spray varnish. Unless I decide to use brush-on varnish instead (or run it through my airbrush). Hmmm, now there's a thought...

Maybe I'll manage to finish them tomorrow night?

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Saturday Workbench

I had a fairly busy afternoon today. As I'd managed to finish prepping all the Nubians (apart from the two packs of archers I'm still waiting for) I decided to glue them onto painting sticks. As my plan is to prime them with two different browns as a base, I divided all the figure poses into two lots before gluing onto sticks. I also managed to get them primed - half with German Red Brown, half with Leather Brown. When I go to paint them, I'll probably pre-highlight from a high angle using a pale brown before airbrushing on a thin coat of camo black brown.

Anyway, here are some pics:

German Dark Red primer

Leather Brown primer

I also primed the Mongol reinforcements:

Medium cavalry and baggage camp bits

Heavy impact cavalry and foot

I just need to give the metal areas a black basecoat, then they can be put away until the Challenge.

I also basecoated the bases for the Nubians, just to fill in time between bouts of priming.

Tomorrow, once my chores and a bit of shopping are done, I'll make a start on the Korean crossbowmen.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Mongols Ready For Priming

Yup, that's right - all the reinforcements for my Mongols have been prepped and stuck onto sticks ready for priming. I'll do that tomorrow night.

This evening I've prepped the four packs of Sea Peoples that I've received so far; they're in a tub of soapy water right now. I won't be putting them onto painting sticks until the rest of the packs have arrived and been prepped.

I'm also working on prepping the Nubians during my lunch breaks. Once they've been prepped and washed, I'll stick all but the bowmen onto sticks for painting; the bowmen will get done when the other two packs arrive and have been prepped.

Looking ahead a short way into the future, it seems that my blog will be hitting three milestones around the New Year - 1000 posts, 750k page views and it's 5th Blogiversary. I guess I'd better come up with something to celebrate all three together.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Workbench Update

So, the Challenge is imminent and I'm cracking on with prep. As such, I haven't had anything to show until today.

This evening I got the airbrush out and did a bunch of priming. I was actually quite surprised as I managed to get the rest of my Seven years War Russians done - 11 cuirassiers, 18 horse grenadiers, 36 hussars, 39 cossacks, 6 generals, 2 wagons (plus 8 horses) and 2 artillery pieces.

Wagons, horse grenadiers, cuirassiers

Cossacks and artillery pieces

Hussars and generals
I've been gradually working through prepping the rest of the figures I need to get ready for the Challenge. The Korean irregular troops got glued onto bases this evening:

These will take my Righteous Army and levy/conscript troops to the 40-bases (each) maximum for FoG, with enough command bases to field them as either four 10s or five 8s. Plus another two generals.

There's really not much else that I can add to my Korean army now. Maybe some more "military school light horse", some peasant mob and perhaps some heavier artillery. But they will have to wait.

On the prep front, I've done the initial prep (clipping and filing the bases flat) on the Mongols, Nubians and Sea Peoples. I'm now in the process of cleaning up mould-line flash on all the figures. I'm about halfway through the Mongols and will be carrying on with this for the next few days, sticking them onto painting sticks after washing them.

I've also base-coated two batches of bases for the 6mm ACW and the Seven Years War troops. I'll be doing the same for the Nubians and Sea Peoples at some point.

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