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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Finished: Jersey Barriers & T-Walls for Judge Dredd (and Wednesday Workbench 08 July)

Having taken Monday off from painting, yesterday I opted to go for something quick to paint - a load of concrete barriers from Antenocitis Workshop. Of course, me being me, I went through a lot more steps than were really necessary, but I think ti was worth it. I had all the painting and washes done by last night leaving me with varnishing and decals to do today.

I deliberately didn't put decals on all of them, and the ones I did were fairly generic graffiti so that these can be used for games other than Judge Dredd. I also only used the decals that I had printed myself - the extra coat of decal medium and scoring around the decals to minimise the amount of excess film certainly helped, as did using MicroSet to fix them before using Micro Sol.

Jersey Barriers


Tonight or tomorrow I will be starting work on these bits of scatter terrain:

Yesterday I took delivery of a fairly heavy consignment of MDF from Multiverse Gaming:

These are some of their "VersaTiles", a mix of street and plaza boards. I spent yesterday evening and a bit of this morning cleaning them up ready for spray priming. That will have to wait for a few days as the forecast is for rain until next week. That gives me plenty of time to assemble them though.

I also printed out some more graffiti images, this time on white decal paper (which should make the colours a bit more vibrant):

Having learned from my previous go, I will let the ink dry overnight then give them a spray coat of gloss varnish before applying the decal medium (by brush rather than risking my airbrush) and leaving 24 hours between the first and second coats.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Lockdown Podcast #15

Somehow we have now reached episode 15 of the Madaxeman Lockdown podcast series. Listen in to hear:

  • what we had all painted in the past week and our plans for what is now last week
  • some games that some of us have played
  • encounters with Australian wildlife
  • about Yorkshiremen saying "Bastard!" as we cover the Peninsular war in "Teaching Timmy About Napoleonics"
  • the answers to Andy's Quiz from last week and the questions for this week
  • one of my mates taking the piss out of my knowledge of hobby techniques

We'll be recording Episode 16 this evening (without Timmy this week).

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Finished: Cars and Taxis for Judge Dredd

As these beauties were so close to being finished yesterday, I decided against doing a "Paint Table Saturday" post. I'm sure you'll agree that they were worth waiting for.

The vehicles are all resin models from Antenocitis Workshop's "Designed for Infinity" range.

VT Fairlane Taxi Cabs

The three-pack was meant to come with decals, but they were missing. Antenocitis are going to be slipping them in with my next order (which should ship in a week or two once they are up and running again in their new location).

I guess you'll be seeing another post of these three once the decals arrive and have been applied!

Eco-Cars Pangit City Cars

Anomala "Beetle" Cars

Bulabok City Cars

These come in "drive" configuration...

...and parked configuration.

Prepping these was a bit of a grind, but they were fun to paint.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Thursday Workbench 02 July

Having posted finished stuff yesterday, I couldn't really do a "Wednesday Workbench" post, so you're getting a Thursday one instead!

I've been taking things fairly easy today, but I did manage to airbrush the body colours, apply a coat of gloss varnish , black out the windows and grey out the tires of these vehicles (which are for my Judge Dredd collection). Tomorrow I will be working on the details and highlighting the windows.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Finished: Pavements, Ladders and Bridge

Having primed all of the resin stuff that I showed you on Sunday, I decided to get a few quick MDF bits finished. I started off with some pavements sections from TT Combat:

A single set includes enough sections and corners to make up just over 9 foot of pavement.

I might be getting another set at some point, which may get painted "cleaner".

Having done one set of pavements I decided to paint up another set, this time from Warbases:

And some of their ladders:

About a year ago I posted a girder bridge that I'd started working on. It's been sitting on the side since then, so I decided that it was time to finish it off.

A bit of rusting, some washes, some drybrushing, some more washes some more drybrushing and finally a dusting of light brown through the airbrush and it was done. Until I decided to add some bird droppings using the "bristle flick" method.

I've also assembled the cantina from TT Combat:

I've covered the top piece with card to cover some holes - I seem to have mislaid about half of the "lip" sections which would have slotted into the holes.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Finished: Cop Shop & Grav Lift/Platform

Continuing with the terrain theme, I have finished a couple more pieces today.

Police Station

This Police Station from TT combat is for my Salutesville pulp era collection. I had assembled it a couple of years ago, but only just got round to priming and painting it. I think that was at least in part because I realised that it would have been so much easier to paint the interior details before assembly.

Top floor

Ground floor

Grav Lift/Platform

This kit was from Warbases (apart from the drinks can - don't remember what that was) and will be joining my other Strontium Dog terrain.

I've spent most of this afternoon priming all of this resin scatter terrain (and a couple of figures):

Mix of Antenociti's Workshop, TT Combat and Wargames Terrain Workshop

I still need to do some zenithal highlighting on the vehicles and figures, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I've also got these MDF bits to spray prime (having restocked with matt black from Poundland on Friday).