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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Tuesday Update 09 July

Since posting the pics of Adonis with his mates, I realised that the colour schemes looked quite different. Yesterday I went back and did a little bit of work with the airbrush to tone down the green on Ace and demon and to brighten the green on Asp. Once I was happy with the look I "dusted" them with a light brown. They now look much closer to Adonis, but still with subtle differences.

With that done, I decided it was high time to start work on the SYW Russians. I did a little bit yesterday and continued today.

They just need touching up, highlighting and some detailing. I'll be leaving the standards unpainted until all of the units are finished, then do them in one session.

I've also been having a rethink on the Paras' painting scheme. I made a bit of a mistake with the WW2 Aussies, doing more highlighting steps than was absolutely necessary. So I am tempted to go with a much simpler base coat, wash and some highlights. I might also do some zenithal highlights over the black primer.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Finished: 28mm "Adonis"

I varnished the commander this morning and glued him into his hatch, so it was time for a quick photo shoot.

And introducing him to his 1 Troop brothers:

And his cousin Demon from the 1st Armoured Reconnaissance Squadron:

I've also gunked the bases for the latest batch of Artizan and Crusader Paras:

When the gunk has fully dried I will glue the prone PIAT loader and the 3" mortar onto their textured bases; the Vickers MMGs and 6 pounder will be painted off-base to make it easier to paint the gunners.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Para Test Paints

With my workbench finally clear of hedges, I decided today to do a bit of painting.

I started off by painting the commander for my recently painted Matilda II:

He just needs to be varnished and glued into his hatch.

As he was finished quite quickly, I grabbed one of the Warlord Paras to do a test of the painting scheme. I realised quite quickly (mostly before I actually began painting)that some of the colours I'd chosen wouldn't look quite right with the painting style I am intending to use (only using washes for flesh and select items), so I quickly substituted colours that would work.

Here is the first test figure:

I didn't like the ground colour, so I repainted it - much better.
There are a number of things that I'm not happy with, so I've made appropriate changes to my scheme:

* replace Pale Sand with Sand Yellow as addition colour for brown highlights
* webbing colour too dark - replace Reflective Green with German Uniform
* modify Denison colour patches slightly
* add a Sepia wash as final step for toggle rope

The beret colour and flesh came out well though!

However, a lot of the Paras would still be wearing 1st pattern Denison which has a more yellow-brown base colour, rather than the pale olive of the 2nd pattern. I decided to try a couple of different colours to see which came close to the look I wanted:

Tan Yellow; Japanese Uniform; Brown Sand
Each of the colours above was highlighted in two steps by adding Sand Yellow and then Pale Sand. The colour I was aiming for is somewhere between the Japanese Uniform and Brown Sand. I ran a test on another figure, using two additions of Sand Yellow to highlight:

Tan Yellow; Ochre Brown

Japanese Uniform; Ochre Brown

Brown Sand; Ochre Brown

I think I have my scheme pretty much nailed now:

Tomorrow I will be re-blacking the test figures I painted today and adding basing gunk to this lot:

They will get primed on Monday, then I can get the SYW Russians out and start painting them.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Hedging My Betes

No, that's not a typo in the title. These hedges have been my Bêtes noire for the past week. The initial flocking glue took longer than expected to dry. Then the sealing coat of PVA mixed with matte medium took even longer to dry, mostly because so much got absorbed by the foam flock and into the spaces in the underlying scourer; some which were done on Wednesday morning only dried out this evening. I think part of the problem with the amount of sealant used on each one was that I applied it by pipette as my spray bottles just didn't want to work with it.

All that time they have been taking up all the space on my workbench, so I haven't been able to work on anything else. Well, not quite - I have prepped the extra Artizan and Crusader Paras and prep the bases for the SYW Russians.

But they're done now. Well, the first batch - I've got a similar quantity still to do. I guess you want some pics.

41.5 feet of hedges

28mm figures

15mm figures

15mm figures behind one of the taller sections

OK, so they're not prize-winning, super-realistic hedges. But they are good enough for club terrain which will see a lot of use and abuse. Tomorrow I'll have to buy some storage for them.

Making these has been a useful experience and has made me think about how I can improve the process. These are my initial thoughts:
* precoat the scourers with a mix of PVA and brown paint before cutting the strips
* "untidy" the scourer strips before sticking them onto the tongue depressors
* add the texture mix to the tongue depressors before sticking down the scourer strips
* stick the scourer strips down using brown caulk while the texture mix is still wet
* use the PVA/paint mix to stick the flock - might need to lighten the flock mix as the paint could darken it
* find a spray bottle that will work with the PVA/matte medium mix

Sunday, 30 June 2019

That MDF Terrain I Mentioned

Apart from weathering and a little bit more work on the bridge, these are done. Some pics of the various bits:

Two back yards - might add flower or vegetables to the open mud areas

Privy roofs had 240 grit sandpaper strips added

The shed roof comes off

I added Warbases tiling strips to the roof; chimney pots were styrene tube

I might add foam-core dividing walls and first floor

240 grit sandpaper added for asphalt road surface; styrene H Beams added

I'm quite impressed by these kits from Warbases and will definitely be adding some more at some point. Not for a while though - I've got lots to paint before I even think of adding more to the queue.

As for the hedges, I was a bit overoptimistic about how long adding the gunk to 83 strips would take. They're all done now though, which just leaves drybrushing the texture, flocking and sealing. That will have to wait until Tuesday though.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Jeepers! Tanks for the hedges!

A busy day at the workbenches today. I started off by setting up outside (having determined that it was better to get that done before it got too warm) and priming the first batch of hedges:

Later this evening I'll add some basing gunk to them. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll drybrush the gunk and begin flocking them.

With that done, I cracked on and finished work on the Matilda and Jeeps:

Aussie Matilda II:

I know "Adonis" was a tank name in A squadron of the 1st Australian Armoured Regiment, but don't know if it was in 1 Troop.

Airborne Jeeps:

Now I just need to get the crew figures painted to put in them.

I've also been working on the Warbases terrain. Some of it is finished, but other items need a bit more work, so I'll save those until tomorrow when they should all be done.