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Thursday, 1 October 2015

6mm Union Infantry Finished

Yes, I finally finished them by adding the flags this evening. I didn't do them last night because I've caught a cold (thank you students returning to uni!) and was feeling grotty. I think it must have been brewing since Monday as I hadn't slept well that night or Tuesday.

I was still feeling grotty today from the poor sleep and the cold. On top of that, I decided to try quitting smoking. I made it all the way through to just after 5pm before I cracked. Hopefully tomorrow I'll make it through to a bit later in the evening before cracking, then a bit later every day after that until I'm completely clear.

Wish me luck!

But back to business and pics of the little blue blobs:

That's my Union army finished for now (I do have some more command figures and dismounted cavalry, but they haven't been prepped and primed so can wait for a while).

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


...the 6mm Union guys will have to wait until tomorrow evening.

I have however flocked the bases with static grass tonight. Here's how they look now:

So, just a quick post tonight.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Monday WIPs

*twitch, twitch*

Something's wrong.

I know - she's posting on a Monday.

Something's very wrong.

It's OK folks - I'm not ill or anything. Really - just because I'm posting on a Monday doesn't mean the apocalypse is on us*. All it means is that I have something to post about.

*it may well be upon us, but that has no connection whatsoever to do with me posting on a Monday

Last night I was looking around for something to do while I waited for the basing texture on the 6mm Union boys to dry. That was when I remembered I had painted up those pound-shop gems for use as spikes in Car Wars. So, I thought "why not spend a few minutes to stick them on bases?". Which is what I did:

Looking at them now, they aren't very "spiky", so I may use them as mines instead.

This evening I've done the dry-brushing on the bases of the 6mm Union infantry. Tomorrow I'll do the flocking and (hopefully) add the flags.

After that I guess I really ought to resume one of the other projects that I stopped part-way through painting. I haven't decided which yet.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday Update

I did the 'taches and goatees on the Zouaves last night. I had to use a 000 brush but I managed it without too much gibbering. At least I won't have to do that again for quite a while.

Today I gathered up the sticks of Zouaves and the four regiments of infantry I'd painted over the last few weeks, then popped the figures off their sticks:

I then snipped the strips of skirmishers to give individual figures. That was followed by gluing all the figures onto bases with PVA:

I left them for a few hours to allow the glue to dry, then did the basing texture. For those without long memories, I'm using Ian's method (emulsion paint, then sand/grit mix). Here are some pics:

Tomorrow night, the basing mix should be ready for dry-brushing and adding some static grass. The final fun step will be to add the flags.

While the glue was drying, I disassembled a few cars and put them in the stripping jar. After scrubbing and rinsing them (and letting them dry) I smoothed the ends of the joints with the Dremel sander, then tapped the drill holes and reassembled them.

These will be getting posted to someone in Australia next weekend - he was after some of these, but couldn't find any locally so I volunteered to grab them for him. It's taken me nearly a month to find all three he wanted, which is what led me into temptation and buying lots for myself whilst conducting my search. Well, I don't have that excuse any more.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Saturday Workbench

And so another week goes by where I haven't posted on a weekday. Oh well, I guess I'll have to make up for that.

I did play ADLG on Monday, but my Thursday game has been postponed until this Thursday. I'll try to do a write-up of Monday's game tomorrow (I did take pics).

I didn't get any painting done during the week, but I made up for that today and got the Zouaves finished.

Or thought I had - it turns out they have moustaches and goatees which I need to go back and paint. How bothersome.

In other news, some more cars have been adopted:

OK, that's it. I really will stop buying them now!

In the background, I have been busily prepping figures. So far I've done the 25mm GZG figures for the Car Wars project, the 15mm Koreans and the 15mm SYW Russians. I've got a load of 15mm SciFi stuff to prep still and some spaceships. Not to forget the mounted and dismounted men at arms for my Wars of the Roses army. My grand plan is to get all of these prepped, assembled and primed over the next two months ready for the Challenge.

While I'm doing all of that, I plan to clear as much of my painting backlog as I can. That includes my Mongol heavy cavalry, the last of the Pirates, some civvies for Salutesville, the Salutesville PD's vehicles and a handful of Hasslefree minis.

Also in my plans is a half-baked half-formed idea of taking the Frostgrave rules, but running the games in Mesoamerica with the parties searching a lost ancient city for sacred (and magical) relics. Fortunately, Foundry have some quite nice Aztecs and Scotia Grendel have some useful terrain bits (as do Amera). I will have to do some terrain building myself though to make step pyramids, altars, palaces etc. I'll make my decision either just before or at SELWG in a fortnight's time.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Update

Remember I said I was going to leave the 6mm Union infantry as they were last night, then start today with the black? Well...

...I went ahead and did the black last night. Which meant I had an easy run today doing the rest of the colours. I actually finished them by early afternoon. Hot damn!

As with the previous batch, I'll wait until I've got the last two regiments painted, then I'll base them all up at the same time.

After finishing those boys, I took a break to sort out the army lists for my two ADLG games this week. As the Sarmatians and the Swiss are rather limited in their troop options, that didn't take very long at all so I decided to get all the figures I'd need out and put them in my transport boxes. And then I packed the Sarmatians and all my ADLG bits (rules, terrain, dice, measuring sticks) ready to go in the morning. And my camera, you'll be pleased to hear.

I then made the mistake of looking at my paint table and the Zouaves started hurling threats at me that if they didn't get some colour soon I'd regret it. Not wanting to be regretful, I exercised my discretion (being the better part of valour) and made a start, once I'd worked out suitable painting schemes. They are loosely based on actual Zouave regiments but fairly generic.

I've managed to get quite a way through them already - I'm clearly getting back into the swing of painting. One more evening should see them finished. This is how they look at the moment:

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