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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Challenge Day 53 - NSL WIP

After posting last night I managed to take the commanders, heavy weapons and fan bikes a bit further than expected. The weapons got their Luftwaffe Uniform basecoat and the helmetless officers had their hair colour done. And then I managed to get the strong tone wash done.

This evening I've been working on the specialists and squad attachments. So far I've got the two green basecoats done. If I'm lucky, I should manage to get the weapon basecoats and the strong tone wash done as well.

I took the squads of grunts into work today and did the lighter green (Feldgrau) base coat on all of them.

I'll be taking them into work again tomorrow, with the aim of doing the other green and the weapon basecoats during lunch break. I'll also be working on them at home in the evening. If I push fairly hard (OK, late!) I might just manage to get them all to the strong tone wash stage. I'll be doing them in batches of 6 bases (24 figures). That way, if I don't get them all done tomorrow, I can finish the rest on Wednesday at work.

That leaves Wednesday evening for doing the detailing (visors, drum colours, missile tips etc). I'll start with the non-grunts, then the grunts. I can take any that haven't been finished into work with me on Thursday and Friday. On Friday evening I'll be adding the basing texture. They should all be done for submission on Saturday.

Why not Thursday evening? Well I've arranged a game of Gruntz with Simon. We'll be doing the bug hunt which was postponed due to my insomnia the other week.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Challenge Day 52 - I've Decided

Last night I left you awaiting my decision on what to paint this week. My two options were:

i) Try to paint up all of the NSL Panzer Grenadiers
ii) Paint a mix of the NSL and some 6mm ACW

Well, I've decided.

Yes, that's right. I'm going to try to paint up all of the NSL. If I'm successful, that will be a very nice points bomb to submit for next Saturday's slot. Want to know how big? Well, it puts this week's entries into the shade...

So far, I've done the base green colours on the command bases, heavy weapon specialist and the fan bike troops. I'll be doing the weapon base coats after posting this.

Tomorrow, I'll be taking the bulk of the grunts in to work with me, to do the lighter green base coat during my lunch breaks over the next couple of days.

I'll just give a quick report on today's refight of Talas. Strategically, we'd done a great job and our plan did seem to have caught the Chinese by surprise. Things were looking very good for our main force on the Chinese left flank. However, we were unsure of when our diversionary force would come onto the table. We suspected that they couldn't be too far away, as their light horse lancers were on the table chasing some Chinese and Qualuk skirmishers off.

Things were looking good when the rest of the diversionary force began to arrive on the first turn and the Qualuks were clearly looking as though they would sit out the battle. Things looked even better on that flank a few turns in when our Tibetan allies (who we'd written off as a likely no-show) arrived.

Back with the main force we made a few stupid errors that came back to bite us in the derriere (with the assistance of some truly awful shooting, impact, melee, casualty and cohesion test dice). First of all we rather stupidly decided to redeploy most of our cavalry from the left wing to the right wing across the face of our infantry (and slowing down their already slow a advance). Then we decided to charge their light foot with some of our light foot, in front of our approaching infantry. That created a big problem for us when the Chinese light foot decided to fight it out instead of evading. Several turns later, the fight was still going on and blocking our wall of heavy infantry from crashing into their infantry.

Meanwhile, the other contingent, who had been doing so well suddenly started rolling really bad dice and in the space of 2 or 3 turns had lost nearly 12 units. As it was already 5.30 pm (we started at 10am) we decided at that point to call it a Chinese win, a reversal of the historical result.

I'll try to sort out some pics later this week.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Challenge Day 51 - I'm Pooped

It's my own fault really. Well, that and taking Thursday evening off to play a wargame - during the Challenge!

You see, I was so close to finishing the second four bases of 6mm ACW figures, but the only way I'd be able to get them finished in time to submit today was if I got them all the way through to the basing texture added stage before going to bed to allow it to have dried enough for the next stages this afternoon.

And that involved me staying up until stupid o'clock.

But I got them done, as well as the NSL power armour. Two posts have been drafted and are waiting for Curt to do what he does to them, so you should see them later tonight/tomorrow.

The NSL are up!
and so are the 6mm ACW!

So, I currently have a clear workbench:

Who was it that said my workbench was far too clean?

What's next? I'm torn between doing a mix of NSL panzer grenadiers and 6mm ACW, or just focusing on trying to complete all the NSL this week. I'll make my decision tomorrow night when I get back from a Sunday game - we're fighting the Battle of Talas (751 AD) between the Abbasid Caliphate and the Tang Empire. I'm the Arab CinC for my sins, of which there are many, and over the past couple of days we have been conducting pre-battle manoeuvres by email. It should be quite interesting to see if our strategy has worked or whether I have led our army to disaster.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Challenge Day 48 - WIP NSL and ACW

I've been trying to get as much done tonight as I can, as I will be out tomorrow night having my first game of King of the Battlefield - my Russians will be making their debut.

I've made excellent progress on the NSL, with only varnishing and basing left to do. I've done unit and rank markings on them, having come up with a scheme which should work.

I've also made some decent progress on the second batch of Union infantry. Since taking the pic below, I've done the wood of the muskets and flagstaffs.

Once this has been posted, I'll try to get the flesh and hair done and maybe the satchels and water canteens. That will leave the belts, straps, metals and touch-ups for Friday evening (plus varnishing, sticking on bases and adding the basing texture). With a fair wind behind me, I'll be able to finish them in time for Saturday's posting slot.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Challenge Day 47 - Shinies and NSL Power Armour

It's always nice to come home and find a package from a minis supplier.

Yes, some lovely shinies from Hasslefree. I have done a double of one figure - one of the pair will be my Curtgeld, the other will be for myself. The rest will be prizes for my 3rd Blogday (and 300K page views) giveaway.

NSL Power Armour

Well, with the honourable exception of Millsy, it appears that people seem to prefer the figures with the strong tone wash. I must admit that I was leaning that way later on, but I think it does need watering down a little. I'll also adjust the point at which I use it to after doing the two greens and the grey, but before the visors and other details.

Last night I did the base colour (German Field Grey). This evening I've done the contrast green (changed from German Dark Green to Bronze Green) and will be doing the grey after posting this. If I have time, I'll do the strong tone wash as well. That will allow me to do the detailing tomorrow evening.

6mm ACW

I also did a few steps on the next batch of Union infantry last night, as you can see from the pic of the NSL. I'll do some more work on them tomorrow.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Challenge Day 46 - NSL Test Figures and The Rozzers

First up, the NSL. I couldn't face starting the next batch of 6mm ACW last night, so I decided to crack on with priming the NSL figures I'd stuck on bases in the afternoon. You know how it goes - I'll just prime this section of them. Oh, I've got some primer left, I'll prime this lot as well. Oh, not enough primer, I'll pour some more out. Hmmm, that's a lot of primer left over - better prime the next lot.

Before you know it, you've spent 3 hours priming the blooming lot of them.

So, this evening I decided to paint up a pair of test figures to test the colour combination.

The pics show side-by-side the initial paint job with Army Painter strong tone wash, then touched up with the original colours. I think the strong tone was too strong - maybe if I dilute it or use soft tone it would be better. Equally, going back over with the original colours the grey looks too bright.

Let me know your thoughts.

I've still got unit and rank markings to add, which I'll do when I've worked out a scheme for those.

Salutesville's Finest

"If these are Salutesville's Finest, I'd hate to see their worst!"

My 10th entry for the Challenge was a bunch of 28mm cops for my Mob Wars project, along with their transport.

The Vehicles are from Blue Moon's "Highways and Byways" range and the crew figures are also Blue Moon.

I will be adding decals at some point. If you care to take a look at the WIP pics on my blog, you will see that the inside of the back of the panel van has been fully painted.

To prove the crew figures are painted to a similar level to the rest of the cops:

A detachment from Dixon Precinct...

...joining the squad from Murch Precinct

Deputy Chief Campbell* thinks The Untouchables' Jimmy Malone is a pussy. "He brings a knife, you bring a heavy machine gun. That's the Salutesville way."

*Named in honour of the Snowlord, as he has his work cut out doing such an excellent job of policing the hoodlums of the Challenge Mob.

You may have guessed from the precinct names that the first 4 cops are from Dixon Miniatures with the last eight being from Pulp Figures.

The paving slab bases were sculpted by me from Milliput so that they'd fit in with my earlier Blue Moon cops.

This entry netted me 105 points; enough to put me comfortably ahead of Alan (until today - his Seljuks have put him just ahead of me), but not enough to catch Ian.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Challenge Day 45 - Some WIPs

The cops were posted yesterday!

I finished painting the 6mm ACW last night, varnished them and glued them onto their bases. Today I've been doing the basing using Ian's method. I switched the Sandtex "bitter chocolate" for B&Q "Cocoa". With hindsight, I might have pooled the paint too thickly and I also might have left the base covered with sand for too long before tapping off the excess - it took a very long time for them to dry to the point where I could dry-brush the texture. After I've posted this I'll be flocking the bases and adding the flags.

While the bases were drying, I took the opportunity to do some other things. Firstly some essential brush cleaning. Then I sorted out my 15mm NSL panzer grenadiers and glued them onto bases. As the ACW bases still weren't dry I decided to assemble and base the 15mm NSL power armour troops as well. Very fiddly, resulting in much swearing and sticking-together of fingers.

Simon and I have opted to use multi-figure basing for Gruntz as it speeds up play with larger forces. Basic grunt squads are on rectangular bases; squad attachments (other than SAWs) are on 20mm hexes; specialists are on 30mm hexes; heavy weapons and small vehicles are on 40mm hexes; leaders are on 40mm octagons.

Panzer grenadier squads; squad attachments and leaders

More panzer grenadiers and specialists

Heavy weapons; fan bikes; more specialists

The power armour troops

So, this week I will be priming these before moving on to painting some more ACW up. I'll be sticking with the Union for the moment. One thing I will need to do is to order some more flag sheets from Baccus.
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