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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Wednesday Workbench 13 November

As you can see, I've been making good progress with the third board of British paras - first batch done (apart from varnishing) and second batch started. I should finish the second batch on Friday leaving just one batch to do which (if all goes well) will be finished on Sunday. I can then varnish the whole lot on Monday.

Here's a slightly closer pic of the first batch:

Yes, I have painted tartan! It was actually less difficult than I'd expected, once I got past an initial mistake.

Once they are all done, I will switch to painting the lizardmen - they should be a quick paint job, but will act as a nice palate cleanser.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Finished: Some 15mm SYW Russian Bits plus an Update

I finally finished these this morning. Well, to be fair, all that needed doing was the flocking.

Crews and Gun

There is a good reason for their being two crews and just one gun - I already have eight crews and nine guns. After taking the photos, I decided to glue all the guns onto crew bases (I've left them loose up to now).


Dismounted Dragoons

I'm not sure that I'll ever get to use these in a game, but as I had some spare musketeers and dragoons it was worth adding them to the collection.

This afternoon I began work on the next board of British paras:

I decided that for this batch I would grab out all the ones who would have the maroon berets (there is another chap in a beret, but that will be green to represent one of the Dutch Commandos who were attached as interpreters for Arnhem).

These should be a fairly quick paint, although one chap might slow the job down as I will have to paint the tartan of his kilt.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Sunday Update 03 November

As well as varnishing the second batch of paras on Thursday, I also got a bunch of priming done while I had the airbrush booth set up. I haven't primed the barbarians yet as I plan to do them all in one go and I am waiting for the extra figures I ordered to arrive.

I've also got an order in for some more foam trays for my paras, and need to wait for these to arrive before I continue that project as I'm almost out of slots in my current trays.

Therefore, I decided to switch to a different project - a return to the SYW Russians. Over the past couple of days I have been painting the mounted dragoons purchased at SELWG. I finished them this morning (just the varnishing needed to be done) and have started work on some artillery - 6 crew, 2 limbers and 1 cannon:

When these are finished (hopefully tomorrow) I will do the basing for them and the dragoons. After that, I will have to see what I fancy doing next...OK, OK, you clearly know me too well - I'll carry on and paint some of the other SYW Russians.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Finished: 28mm British Paras Batch 2 - Supports

I got the varnishing done on these this morning, so I can declare the second batch of British paras complete (apart from the basing, which will be done when the third batch are finished). This batch contains various support weapons and some Jump Off Point markers.

Jump Off Points

"That was the bleedin' General"


PIAT Teams

Major Robert Cain of the 2nd South Staffs

Vickers MMGs

I'm going to be rebasing these on 50mm round bases so that the loader is actually feeding the gun!

3" Mortar

I'm also going to rebase the mortar and the chap with the mortar bomb onto a single base.

6-Pounder Anti Tank Gun

75mm Pack Howitzer

I have a sneaking suspicion that the 6-pounder is slightly oversized and the 75mm pack howitzer is slightly undersized.

The figures here are mostly Artizan, with some Crusader (the General) and Foundry (one sniper, one PIAT gunner, one PIAT loader). Two of the Artizan snipers are from a NW Europe Commandos pack.