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Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Gangsters Are Finished

....more or less. I've noticed a couple of touch-ups I need to do and they still need to be varnished, but I'll go with photos now anyway. There are rather a lot of photos in this post.

All eleven of them:

One of these will be for Postie, the other three will be giveaways. Fran or Ray - can you ask Postie which one he wants and then let me know?

This lot will be the Piper-Malkin Gang as Christmas presents for my family. Once I've got some bits and pieces, I'll do a proper write-up about the gang.

And individual pics. First of all, Postie and the giveaway figures:

As soon as Fran or Ray lets me know which figure Postie wants I'll do a post giving the back-story of how he came to be a criminal mastermind.

Finally, the Piper-Malkin Gang's figures:

I do know which figure will be which member of the gang, but I'll leave that for the back-story post.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

More Gangsters #3

I didn't think I'd got that much done today, but looking again I realise how close to finished they are. I just need to finish the eyes, do the last flesh highlights, metal highlights on the guns and to highlight the shoes.

Looking at the photos, I might need to knock back a couple of the highlights with a wash of the base colour.

It also appears (from Fran's comment on my last post) that one of these figures will have to be Postie. I bet the others I named will be wanting figures as well. Well, Postie will get his, but the others can sleep with the fishes!

Monday, 21 April 2014

More Gangsters #2

I've made a bit of progress today, but not as much as I'd have liked. I must have slept awkwardly last night, as the joints of my right (painting!) arm are a bit painful. Luckily, I got a good amount done last night after my previous post. I will try to do a bit more tonight, to finish off the colours common to all the figures. Oh, crap - that means doing the eyes!

For the woodwork on the shotguns and Thompsons I tried out something new. Back when Model Zone were closing down, I bought a bottle of Vallejo Model Colour "Woodgrain", which is a transparent paint. I basecoated the wood with Tan earth then painted the Woodgrain over it. I think it's worked quite nicely. I also used it for the wooden floorboards of the "Mama" gangster figure.

Once I've got all the common colours done, I'll focus on individual figures and take each to completion in turn. I should manage to get a few done tomorrow and should have finished the lot by the end of the week.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

More Gangsters

I had said that after painting the Fran figure I would return to the buccaneers. However, yesterday evening I was visited at my painting desk by eleven armed mobsters. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse - "Paint us up or you'll sleep with the fishes!".


Discretion being the better part of valour, I accepted their very generous offer and commenced work on them. So far I've done undercoat for the bits which will be white and basecoats for flesh and clothes. I'll do a bit more work later tonight and continue with them tomorrow.

Here are a couple of pics as they are now:

Francis "The Lurker" Lee

Born in 1893, from an early age Francis knew he was destined to be a big man in more than a physical sense. Of Irish descent, he was always fond of his whiskey so when Prohibition came in he knew something had to be done and that he was happy to take on this despicable law.

In his job as a security guard at the Postal Service depot in Salutesville he had become good friends with another security guard, Ray and with one of the postal workers, Stuart. When Stuart approached Francis and Ray with a view to forming a gang to smuggle in much needed alcohol from across the Canadian border, both were enthusiastic recruits. They knew of a few guys and one plucky moll who readily joined the gang.

Successful enterprise followed by successful exploit led to them becoming well known figures in the criminal underworld of the city and to numerous run-ins with the Police. They reveled in the names given to them by the newspapers:

"Postie" Stuart
Francis "The Lurker" Lee
Ray "Sandbagger" Rousell
Lee "Rich" Hadley
Clint "The Fudge"
Sebastien "Frenchie" Gimeno
"Red" Tamsin Piper

Well, that's enough silly back-story. As I mentioned yesterday, I owed Fran a figure for coming top of the Rejects in the Challenge and had decided on painting up a Blue Moon gangster to represent him. I got the figure mostly done last night, with just a few highlights and details left to paint this morning. I still need to varnish the figure, but the weather is totally grotty here so that will have to wait. Looking closely at the pics, there are a couple of bits of touching up to do before then.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Paint Table Saturday #24

Having skipped a few weeks of this, it's about time I re-entered the fray. So, it's

With the FSE ships cleared from my paint table, I've had to decide what to work on next and what to get prepped. I really do need to finish those pirates buccaneers, so I reckon I'll get those back onto the paint table tomorrow. I'm off work until Wednesday so there is a reasonable chance of me finishing them, or at least getting close.

I've also got to paint up a figure for Fran as his prize for being the top-scoring Reject in the Challenge. If you recall my Salute Loot post from last Saturday, I thought that one of the figures in the Blue Moon "Named Gangster" pack would be perfect to represent the big fella. Last night I prepped the figures, washed them and left them to dry overnight. Today I've stuck them onto some washers (as holders for painting them) and primed them in black.

While I was doing the prep I had a silly thought about painting up some of the others as Christmas pressies for family. When they are done, expect to see a silly post outlining the criminal history of the Piper-Malkin Gang. Hmmm, I think that means I'll need to find a suitable car and scenery for the photographs. Oh, hang on a second - that probably means buying stuff. Yippee!

I'll also have a few figures left over to use for my next giveaway. Come to think of it, I was meant to do a giveaway a little while back. Yikes!

Salute - The Pics Wot I Took of the Games

I didn't get around to posting these yesterday. There was a very good reason for that though. The third module of my health and safety course was to conduct a safety inspection and then write up a "report to management". The deadline for this being received is next Tuesday, so today was the last point at which I could post it. That meant I had to get it all finished, printed and signed last night. I'd actually had plenty of time to do it at work, but was never able to get into it and my brain just kept drawing a blank whenever I tried. I think it must have been that I needed the rapidly approaching deadline to concentrate my mind to get it done.

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that it is all done, dusted and posted off. Now I just have to wait a couple of months for the results.

But that's enough blather for now. On with the pics I took of games at Salute. I didn't make notes of all the games I took photos of, so I might not be able to identify them all.

WSS and Simon Miller present "C-Day - Caesar's Invasion of Britain"

A lovely game by John (with Dave - or was it the other way round?) in 54mm

Victorian Sci-Fi/Steampunk game set on Mars:

The Lance and Longbow Society were demonstrating some jousting rules.

Scrivs and co had this superb Battle of Keren - what lovely terrain!

Terrain by Oshiro - can't remember who was running this Samurai game

Normandy glider landings at the Orne:

Not a game, but I couldn't resist taking a pic of this superb Norse settlement in winter by 4Ground

Not sure what this game was....Great War?

Kursk 1943 - lovely terrain

Another game from the Warlords - Pelennor Fields in 1/16 scale

Passing Le Port

A Bolt Action game of Brecourt Manor

I think this was a Great War game. I seem to recall seeing it at a couple of shows last year.

As always, Wargames Illustrated had superb terrain for their game

I didn't take as many photos of games this year as there didn't seem to be as many that really grabbed my attention. I obviously missed a lot of games as well, having seen them on other folks' blogs.

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