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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Challenge Day 16 - The Russians Have Arrived

Hooray! My Russians have been posted on the Challenge blog and have already received lots of lovely comments.

I've finished the Space Demons. After posting yesterday, I suddenly realised that I had something in the lead mountain which would go very well with them, so I very quickly prepped, assembled and primed it last night. I painted it up today.

Unfortunately, I've been having trouble taking pics of them. I think I've found out what the problem was, so will go back and re-do all the photos after posting this. With a bit of luck, they'll be submitted in time for Curt to post them tonight.

I've also been busy with the Korean warrior monks. Last night I'd gone over the gravel on the bases with 50% PVA to help secure it and also to provide a smooth coat to make painting easier. It also helps to stop the gravel soaking up the paint. Today, while paint was drying on the other stuff, I primed them.

I might make a start on them over the next few days, so that I won't have much to do over Christmas.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Challenge Day 15 - The Russians Are In

Remember I said it was my team's Xmas lunch today? Well, this morning I woke up with a headache, streaming nose, sore throat, aching all over and shivering. Not to mention feeling wiped out and a bit spaced out. So, I've been off work and had to skip the lunch.

Still, it meant I had plenty of time to dry-brush and the bases of the dragoons and horse grenadiers this morning, once the Lemsip capsules had kicked in. I then took pics, wrote the post, saved it and emailed Curt to let him know that it was ready for him to add his bits and post it tomorrow.

I've also been able to make some progress on the Space Demons, mainly on the bases, but also silvering the teeth. I still need to do some touch-ups and do a little bit of detailing. They should be finished in time to be posted in my slot tomorrow.

At the back you can see something I've been prepping over the last few days. These will be the warrior monks for my Korean army. My plan is to take these with me to paint over Christmas.

As I'll have a couple of days before I head off for Christmas, I'll have to work out what to paint over the next couple of days. Start on the Russian infantry or change scale and do some 6mm ACW? You'll just have to wait and see.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Challenge Day 14 - I Can't Keep Secrets

First up - Simon has posted an AAR of the Gruntz game we played on Monday. I really should get around to doing mine!

Second up - the dragoons and horse grenadiers are oh-so-near completion. The basing gunk has been added, but is still a long way off drying, so I won't be able to do the dry-brushing and flocking tonight.

Thirdly - it's no good, I can't keep it secret. My "break" figures won't let me. So here's a pic.

I did several steps yesterday evening. A shade colour (Prussian blue mixed with some gloss black), a wet-brush of Prussian blue, then a medium-light dry-brush of medium blue mixed with metallic medium. I then gave them an overall wash of black. They were looking really good. However, I couldn't have thinned the black wash enough as this morning the figures were very, very black with only some of the metallic medium blue highlights showing through.

I've redone the metallic medium blue this evening, going a bit lighter on the dry-brushing this time. They look OK now. I should have just done the metallic medium blue dry-brush and left it at that. I've also painted the bases with London grey. Just a few more bits of detailing and they'll be done. However, it's out team lunch tomorrow, so I may not be in a fit state to do detail work when I get home, so they might not be finished in time for my Saturday posting slot.

Oh, yes - you want to know what the figures are - Space Demons from Khurasan.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Challenge Day 13 - Almost There

The dragoons and horse grenadiers are very nearly finished. The painting is all done and they have been varnished. I've just popped them off their painting sticks, ready for gluing onto 30x30 bases. Tomorrow evening I'll be adding the basing gunk - if I can get that done early enough, I might even be able to dry-brush the gunk and do the flocking. That will leave me plenty of time to draft the post on Friday, so that Curt can post them on Saturday.

I've also begun work on my "break" figures. I've done two stages this evening, and might manage to get a third in. I should be able to finish them tomorrow night, or Friday, giving me two entries on Saturday.

I'll leave you with a pic of my current workbench (I don't think you'll be able to see what the "break" figures are).

Challenge Day 12 - Somewhat Late

...so it's just as well I've got the morning off work.

Plenty of progress to report, although it does mean I can't post many pics.

Last night, after getting back from the club I touched up the bases to cover bare spots (the gunk shrinks a bit), painted the base edges, dry-brushed to gunk and then tried something on the generals' bases - puddle effects. That was done by pooling gloss varnish into some dips. I had to repeat that stage a couple of times this morning (OK - yesterday morning now that it's 2am on Wednesday!).

This evening I flocked all the bases of generals, artillery and cuirassiers. I then added some flower and grass tufts to the generals' bases. Once all that was done they got photographed. As I was processing the pics, I spotted that I'd missed the edging on part of one of the standards. A quick touch-up and re-photographing and all was well.

Since then I've been working on the dragoons and horse grenadiers. They are pretty much done now, with just touch-ups and some detailing on the drums to do in the morning before I head off to work. In the evening I'll be able to varnish them and hopefully stick them on their bases. Thursday evening should see the bases gunked, then I should get them dry-brushed and flocked on Friday, allowing me to submit the whole batch as one for my Saturday posting slot.

Here's a pic I just took of the dragoons and horse grenadiers.

"Hang on a second - one of those standards was red the other day, now it's green. What's she playing at?"

Give that man a fish! Well spotted indeed. Errmm, well, yes. I had originally intended the horse grenadiers to be the Astrakhanskiy regiment. On checking, I discovered that they didn't actually take part in the European theatre during the Seven Years War.

Tomorrow evening will also see me starting work on my next batch of figures. I did come to a decision, but it wasn't one of the ones I listed the other day. I'll be keeping them under wraps until the big reveal on the Challenge blog though. Needless to say, they aren't the Seven Years War infantry!

Oh, yes. You want to know how the game went last night. My NAC platoon quite convincingly trounced Simon's UNSC platoon, mostly down to some extremely fluky dice my excellent tactical choices.

As I won't be posting many WIP pics over the next few days, I'll try to post an AAR to shut you up keep you drooling.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Challenge Day 11 - Posting Early Today Because

...I've got a game of Gruntz tonight against Simon. Well, that slightly messes up my earlier plans for world domination finishing painting the Russian cavalry.

I've had a fairly productive day so far though, despite a long lie-in and taking an hour or so out to do some shopping. The cuirassiers, artillery and commanders have all been based and gunk added to the bases. That is drying now and should be ready for touch-ups and dry-brushing when I get home from the club. I might even be able to get them flocked tonight.

"Where are the guns on the artillery bases?"

Ahh, so you spotted that. Well done! There's a very simple explanation - in King of the Battlefield, guns are left separate so that they can be turned around to indicate that they are limbered. It also allows you to change the types of gun (eg from cannon to howitzer).

I've also managed to fit in a couple of steps on the dragoons and horse grenadiers this afternoon. I've still got to do all the black, the metals and then any touching up required.

The observant among you will have noticed that the blue is a little darker now. I thought it looked a bit too light, so I gave them a wash of watered-down Intense Blue (70.925). That seems to have given them the look I was after.

If I remember to take pics of the game and have time when I get home, I'll update this post with them.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Challenge Day 10 - Excellent Progress

Today has been a very good day for making progress on the painting front. The artillery are finished and glued to their bases, and the cuirassiers only need a wash and varnish to be ready for basing. I'll probably do a little more work on the dragoons, horse grenadiers and generals later this evening.

Artillery and Cuirassiers

Still on the workbench:

I should finish these tomorrow, which will leave me in a good position to get the basing done on Tuesday.

I don't really want to start on the Russian infantry straight away, so I now need to figure out what to paint instead. I'm tempted to do the Korean warrior monks, but that would mean fitting in a prep session around painting and basing. Or I could do the pirate artillery as they are already prepped and primed. I also have some 15mm SciFi prepped, but I still haven't ordered the bases for these (I'll be painting them on the bases). Then again, my ESU space fleet are assembled and primed...

Decisions, decisions...

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