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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Wednesday Workbench 18 May 2022


As you can see, I've made a start on priming the walkways. Once everything has had an initial black layer, I will dry-fit the various bits and do the zenithal priming. I'll probably reach that stage on Saturday.

As you know, I've been rather distracted of late. That should all be over now, at least until the next distraction comes along, thanks to the arrival today of this:

Just a teaser for today; I should have a full post about it tomorrow.


  1. That's a lot of walkway parts Tamsin, and that's a fair size box of goodies you have there

    1. It's three kits worth of parts! I've just posted the reveal on the box! :)

  2. That is a lot of walkways, but trust me, you can NEVER have enough!

    1. I'm wondering if I might actually have more than I need! :)