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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Finished: Mega City One Buildings (and some other bits)


I finished painting these last night, but waited until today for photography so that I could make use of the lovely daylight that was forecast. Luckily, the forecast was good!

That's enough of the scene-setting, onto some glamour shots!

Pre-Fab Beta

Pre-Fab Alpha

The extra complete ground floor:

The extra ground floor with doors from Blotz:

Extra cantilever and two bridges:

Large Crates

Street Lamps

Five new ones:

Four originals, now with acrylic lamps:

Original and new, side-by-side:

Having been a little disappointed by how the OSL effect turned out on the originals, I decided to try applying it after airbrushing a thin layer of white. I think it turned out much better.

Tomorrow I will start priming the extra walkways. Having learnt my lesson, I'll be doing them as sub-assemblies.


  1. These all look awesome Tamsin, and good call on the improved OSL on the street lamps, stands out a lot better.

    1. Thanks! On the original batch, I had hoped that the zenithal prime I'd done would have been enough, but I guess the blue-grey colour was just too strong. :)

  2. Excellent! - you did not disappoint!

  3. Excellent work Tamsin, it all looks very colourful.

  4. Absolutely loving this terrain, perfect setting for Judge Dredd. Not helping me at all though...too much temptation to delve into something new!

    1. I will gladly accept the blame if you should succumb to temptation! :)