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Sunday, 15 May 2022

Paint Table Sunday 15 May 2022


I got distracted again. As a result, I ended up not doing any painting on Friday and Saturday. I was still a bit distracted today, but managed to get the block colours laid down on the buildings.

Tomorrow I'll begin the detailing work. Allowing for further distractions, I'll guess at finishing them on Tuesday!


  1. Nice progress Tamsin, and you've got another step further even with distractions

  2. Good progress despite the distractions

  3. Distracted you say...

    By what I may ask...

    What was the question again? ;-)

    1. lol! :)

      As for the cause of the distraction, there may be a hint of it tomorrow! ;)

  4. They are looking...better! - I look forward to seeing them complete, so buckle down girl, we need to see them!