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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Wednesday Workbench 01 December


Figure prep continues, now that my boiler is repaired and there is some decent daylight (I find it easier to do figure prep in natural daylight than artificial). 

Ancient Germans:

I think I might need to order a couple more packs to replace the figures that suffered broken swords and spears during shipping and prep.

Some 28mm stuff:

The top row are Japanese infantry from Warlord Games; the rest are rioters/demonstrators from Offensive Miniatures.

I've still got all of these to prep:

Hopefully ~I'll get all of these prepped and primed before the Challenge starts. 


  1. Wow! Lots on the prepping table there, Tamsin. Looking forward to seeing them painted during the AHPC.

  2. The prep is coming along nicely Tamsin, and good to hear the boiler is fixed

  3. @ Ray - I reckon I should get most of the prep done before next Wednesday, and the priming should only take a few days so all of this should be ready for the 21st. :)

    @ Simon - thanks! It is a fair bit, but nowhere near my usual Challenge quantity. :)

    @ Dave - thanks! It's nice to have central heating and hot water back! :)