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Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Wednesday Workbench 24 November

 Apologies for the lack of posts since Salute. I decided not to do a post of pics of the Salute games as I hadn't taken very many, they didn't cover that many games and other bloggers had done much more comprehensive posts.

As for WIP stuff, I'm slowly plugging away at figure prep ready for this winter's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge:

That's the Imperial Romans prepped and primed. I do need to touch up the primer, which I'll get done tomorrow.

Part of the lack of progress has been down to me having the expected sore shoulder and "feeling like crap" reaction to having my Covid booster last week and my annual 'flu jab yesterday. I'm also dealing with a gas boiler which keeps switching off - I've got an engineer booked for tomorrow, so hopefully the fault will be sorted and my flat will be warm again.

I got a parcel in the post today:

Or is that three parcels combined?

But you're not interested in white boxes, it's what's inside that you want to see:

It's the order I placed with The Assault Group about a month ago. There are seventeen packs of WW2 Japanese and a pack of dogs. They'll be joining the prepping & priming queue.


  1. That's a fine collection of WW2 Japanese, Tamsin, and some nice priming on the Romans too. Hopefully you'll start feeling better asap, and fingers crossed that the boiler is a quick (cheap) fix.

  2. Welcome back Tamsin! - That's a lot of Japanese! - I am looking forward to seeing how these turn out!

  3. Hope the shoulder feels better soon Tamsin, and the boiler get's fixed soon with all this cold weather. Hope the challenge goes according to plan, and you get all the prep work done in readiness for it.

  4. You're turning Japanese, I really think so. ;-)

    I hadn't noticed the absence of post because I've been rereading all your jungle posts in preparation to build a mighty jungle too.

  5. @ Ray - only enough for a platoon and a few towards support teams! :)

    @ Blax - cheers! Crap feeling from the 'flu jab only lasted a day so all is good now. Apart from the boiler - engineer had to order some parts and is coming back this afternoon - hopefully! :)

    @ Herkybird - they had very large platoons, so I've got just enough for one plus some support teams. :)

    @ Dave - thanks and thanks! Luckily I have some fan heaters and an extra kettle for heating and hot water. :)

    @ Ashley - oooh, you're giving me The Vapors! :)

  6. Hi Tamsin,
    The figures you'r using for the Japanese ought to work pretty well. Have you considered getting some of the figures in fighting positions. They're basically figures trimmed at the waist with a surrounding pile of dirt indicating where they had dug their fox hole. The Japanese figures are equipped with rifles and LMGs and would give you ready made defensive positions.

    1. Hi Jerry,
      I've got some of the Warlord Games plastic figures that I plan to use for that - cut them at the waist, drill a hole and insert a magnet. I bought them a couple of years ago, but then decided to go with metal figures for the main platoon.If I didn't have those plastics, then I would have ordered some of the "entrenched" figures from TAG.

  7. Hi Tamsin,
    That's a very good substitution. Just be sure that the figures can be posed in the firing positions. If you have a spare medium MG, you can set the Nambu up in a slightly larger fighting position, The nice thing is that many of the figures on the Japanese sprue are very good for this. You can use modelling clay to make the rim for the fox hole. The positions should look very nice.

  8. I think Salute is pretty much dead in it’s present location and format.