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Saturday, 4 December 2021

Paint Table Saturday 04 December


Figure prep is going well. In the photo above you can see the figures I've got done since Wednesday, and some that I'm still working on.

Eureka 28mm Japanese:

I just need one more riflemen from them to have a full Eureka squad. The chap on the hex base will be the platoon sergeant; the one on the square base will be the squad corporal. I do need to order a few more figures from Eureka anyway, so adding a single rifleman won't be an issue.

15mm Mongols and Georgians/Armenians:

The top 2 rows are a mix of "knights" to use as Georgian/Armenian heavy cavalry. the rest are Mongol medium cavalry as I need to beef up that part of my army.

TAG 28mm Japanese:

I've started the prep on these and should get them finished tomorrow if there is good daylight.

As the daylight wasn't very good yesterday, I did some priming instead:

That's the ancient Germans done. I've checked and I don't need to order any more as I have enough here to fill out my heavy infantry needs and add a few bases of medium infantry as well.

I ran out of the red-brown primer on the very last figure - I've placed an order for some more.

I also glued the Warlord 28mm Japanese onto bases:

That's it for today. Hopefully I should get all the figure prep done by Wednesday and the priming done by the weekend. For the 28mm Japanese, I'll need to add basing gunk before priming though - that's a job I can do on days when the light isn't good enough for prepping.


  1. Those Eureka 28mm Japanese minis really do look very good, Tamsin, and I always like the way you mark out the different ranks with their bases. Plenty of bare metal to be primed too. That's quite the collection of Japanese minis you've gathered.

  2. I agree, the Eureka figures are fantastic! - I look forward to seeing how they paint up!

  3. The prep work is going well Tamsin.

  4. @ Simon - they are very nice figures. I still need to order some Japanese support units to round out the force. :)

    @ Herkybird - I'll try to get the Japanese out of the way early on in the Challenge, so you shouldn't have too long to wait to see them. :)

    @ Dave - thanks! :)