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Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Wednesday Workbench 08 December

 As you can see, I'm still in figure prep mode. I'm very nearly done - unless I decide to prep the figures from the Dangerous Dames Kickstarter. I probably will, as I don't have any pulp figures in my painting queue at the moment.

So, what's been prepped?

15mm Mongols and Georgians/Armenians:

28mm TAG WW2 Japanese:

A quick pic of all the Japanese:

28mm Feline Merchants from Bad Squiddo Games:

28mm Barbarian Artillery:

28mm Papuan Porters from Eureka:

I'll leave it at that so that I can publish this post while it is still Wednesday!


  1. An eclectic mix of figures to be sure!
    I esp.Love the Feline merchants (Catnip dealers?)

    1. Cheers! Feline trade negotiations - "OK, so you will provide me with unlimited food, a warm home to sleep in and pay all my medical expenses. In return I will occasionally vomit in your shoe and leave half a dead mouse on your pillow (the other half will be hidden somewhere as a nice surprise for you when you find it!". Amazingly, it seems to work. :)

  2. You have been very busy Tamsin, in readiness for the challenge.

    1. Thanks! Still a bit more prep to do, then priming.

  3. Forgive me, but I really do not ‘get’ the challenge. You all seem to buy ever more figures, instead of finishing items you already have. I tend not to read any blogs involving the challenge. To quite a lot of us it’s pretty boring. Just being honest.

    1. Each to their own, I guess. In my case, with the exception of the feline merchants which are just a bit of fun, all of the figures are for ongoing projects:
      1) The Romans and Ancient Germans are to to expand my existing "Infamy, Infamy!" forces up to full armies for Art de la Guerre.
      2. The Barbarian artillery is an addition to my Barbarian horde for Dragon Rampant.
      3. The Mongols and Georgian/Armenian cavalry are additions to my existing Mongol army fro AdlG.
      4. The WW2 Japanese are an opposition force for my WW2 Australians and US Airborne (New Guinea project).
      5. The Papuan porters are a "scenery" item for the New Guinea project.
      6. In addition to those, if things go well and I get them painted, I will be resurrecting an old, unfinished project.

      It's fine that you don't "get" the Challenge, find it boring and tend to not read the blogs of people who take part. As I said at the start of this reply, each to their own.