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Monday, 28 March 2016

Prepping and Assembling

Well, my brushes have been cleaned. My size 1 is definitely past it and the size 0 isn't far behind. That's not too surprising really as they've both seen a lot of heavy duty. I've decided to retire both and cracked open new ones ready to go with my next painting project.

Last night I did a bit of assembly work. While looking for something else, I came across a bunch of 4Ground furniture packs and thought "Hmm, that's something I could make up reasonably quickly". A couple of hours later and I had some of them made up, after which I did get some paints out, just to go over the bare MDF on the edges to make it match the painted surfaces. Here's a couple of pics:

I've still got a few packs of chairs to make up, but as those are fiddly jobs I'll leave them for a day or two.

Today I've been prepping the extra Aztecs I bought. I've still got some weapons, the shields and the back banners to do, but they can wait until tomorrow. The figures have gone into a container of hot soapy water for a soak to remove loose metal and any mold release agent.


  1. Nice. I really like that clock.

  2. They are very clever those 4Ground people.

  3. The wonderful thing about this hobby is that it never has to end. We can always find things to work on.

    Quick and simple is the best solution post painting challenge. So an excellent choice.

  4. Really nice furniture! The clock is my favorite to!


  5. Nice. Reminds me I a have a big box of stuff from them too