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Friday, 18 March 2016

Challenge Day 89 - Challenge Update

Only 3 days (and a bit) left until the Challenge come to a close. Curt has extended to closure time to midnight on Sunday (Regina time - that means 7am on Monday for us in the UK) so that will give us a bit more time to get those last minute entries submitted.

This evening I finished painting the last of my Crusties. I've submitted three posts for them this week. As I write, one of them has been posted, the other two are in the queue. I'll add the links as they are posted.

Entry # 20 - Crusties Regular Infantry

Entry # 21 - Crusties infantry heavy support weapons

Entry # 22 - Crusties Command and Specialists

Tomorrow night will be spent priming some figures for the last-minute dash. I might also assemble some plastics - as it's the weekend, I *might* try a mad mini points bomb.