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Sunday, 27 March 2016

AHPC6 Entries - The 6mm Confederates

Righty-ho, it's about time I kicked off my series of posts showing off my  submissions to this year's Challenge. I have stated that I will be doing this grouped by theme, and what better place to start than with my gloriously tiny Sons of the South - the 6mm Confederates.

These were submitted over three posts and took me about 5 weeks (including head-space breaks painting other things) to paint and base.

The first entry was 22 bases of infantry, a whopping 616 of the tiny blighters which I had madly decided to paint up in one fell swoop. Never, never, never again (until the next time I decide to do something that daft). I think you can imagine just how frazzled I felt when doing the details like the flesh (616 faces, 1232 hands). However, it did allow me to create a suitably "irregular" look to their clothing, hats and blanket rolls so there is that going for painting them en masse.

As you can probably imagine, I needed a break from 6mm after that effort and painted some other things for a short while.

My second entry for these was the artillery. I'd actually painted (but not submitted) the guns during last year's Challenge when I was painting the Union forces.

When it got round to basing them, I had a bit of a panic - one of the guns had disappeared. Fortunately I found it before the entry was posted and was able to take some pics and include them in the post.

The third entry for this army comprised two bases of Zouaves, four bases of mounted cavalry, two of dismounted cavalry, six bases of generals and seven individual mounted figures to act as "PIP" markers or messengers.

Someone had jokingly challenged another person in the Challenge to try painting a skewbald horse and several other people then followed suit. I decided a bit of oneupwomanship was in order, so painted a skewbald horse and a piebald horse

I was rather pleased to have got them all painted during the Challenge as I now have two armies and can have a go at using them (once I've painted up some 6mm terrain).


  1. I find the 6mm stuff amazing. Brilliant work

  2. I find the 6mm stuff amazing. Brilliant work

  3. Superb- wish I could get my 6mm figures to look that good.



  4. Ouch but they look terrific both by base and en masse

  5. Brilliant work Tamsin- the ramshackle details are brilliant but somehow don't detract from the overall uniformity. Well done indeed!!!

  6. Brilliant looking stuff. I know I said it before, but I am stealing your idea for the dismounted cavalry stands.

  7. A glorious sight especially the horse holders and dismounted cavalry!

  8. Really fantastic work! I like the details like the slightly irregular ranks of cavalry, and the thoughtfully-placed skirmishers and couriers. The bases are particularly good. Great stuff!

  9. Superb, what a wonderfully impressive collection Tamsin.

  10. wonderful stuff - a most impressive Confederate army!

  11. Those look great! Very inspiring. I really like how they are arranged on the bases.

  12. @ Martin C - thanks! 6mm is the way to go! :)

    @ Pete - practice, practice, practice! You'll get there in the end :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! :)

    @ Paul O'G - thanks! It was quite laborious getting the mix varied enough whilst still looking pretty grey overall :)

    @ Dartfrog - cheers! Feel free to lift my basing for your own stuff :)

    @ Fran - thanks old chap! The dismounted cavalry are fun to do :)

    @ Colonel Scipio - cheers! I was a bit more "regular" with the Union cavalry when I did them, but thought that a more ragged look would suit the Rebs :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out :)

    @ Miles - cheers! :)

    @ Craig - thanks! :)

  13. Superb! I love it so much I'm wondering if I could possibly manage 6mm painting. The result you achieved is a wonderful, irregular massed effect that you can't achieve in a bigger scale. Small is beautiful!

  14. Ah, on this PC I can give comments here. With the other one it didn't work!
    I have the deepest respect for all those who paint 6 mm figures. Not my cup of tea, but you did a fantastic job on this army and in the challenge which I followed from start to end!
    Hat off for you Tamsin!