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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Challenge Day 80 - Crusties WIP Day Three

The walkers are finished now, so no pics of those. The new version of the basing scheme definitely works well.

Today I made good progress on doing the detail work on the armoured infantry. Then it reached a point where I simply couldn't face doing any more detail work so I stopped and will continue tomorrow. This is how they look at the moment:

Instead, I decided to start basecoating and sepia washing the regular infantry. I got the squads of grunts done; at some point tomorrow I'll do the specialists, squad attachments, leader and scouts.

I really should do a before and after pic for the basecoats and sepia wash step.

Today was my last day as an adjudicator/Minion for this year's Challenge - as we go into the final week Curt takes back the reins and it is a free-for-all dash for the finish line with no set posting days.

It's been good fun and quite rewarding to have helped out like this, even if it has sometimes driven me (more) nuts (than normal). I've certainly had an interesting bunch of reprobates assigned to me.


  1. Well done Tamsin and speaking as one of your reprobates it has been a great pleasure to have had you guiding us through the process.

  2. @ Michael - thank you my good sir! :)

    @ Whisk - cheers :D