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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Challenge Day 79 - Crusties WIP Day Two

I'm counting yesterday's test paints as Day One of the WIP for the Crusties.

I've been quite the busy bee today. Oh, did I forget to say? I've got 3 days off work this week - booked well in advance as I knew this would be a good point in the challenge to take them.

As I was happy with the paint scheme for the walkers and troops, I decided to crack on with them after watching a few episodes of Callan on YouTube - my thanks to Bob Cordery for inspiring that.

First into the painting line were the walkers. I made the decision to start with the biggest and most fiddly paintjobs first. Once the walkers themselves were painted I tried out a modification of the basing scheme. I think it looks OK, suitably alien.

All that's left to do with these is to varnish them - satin for the walkers, matt for the soil, gloss for the green rocks.

I've also made a start on the armoured infantry, getting the basecoats applied. I'll be doing the detailing tomorrow. If I get time after they're finished I will start work on the normal Crusty infantry and the scouts.


  1. The Crusties are a great range of figs. What is Callan?

  2. I am still following with much interest. And digging the prawn guys!

  3. Hi Tamsin,

    Have you watched the Callan movie where he gets to play with his toy soldiers? Nice job on the minis.


  4. Those walkers look fab - great paint scheme. Keep them coming!

  5. @ Commissar Moody - they are a fab range. Callan was a British TV series from the late 60s/early 70s starring Edward Woodward, about an ex-army, ex-con working for a shady department of MI6 - very much an anti-hero character. Oh, and he was a model soldier sculptor, painter and wargamer...

    @ Clint - cheers! The prawns are great fun to paint up, if a little fiddly )

    @ Jerry - thanks! :)
    I did watch the movie as well yesterday; I'd seen it a couple of times before, but a very long time ago. He also does get to do some wargaming in one of the episodes in season 3.

    @ Dannoc - cheers! The paint scheme for the walkers and the armoured infantry is inspired by District 9 and various paintjobs I've seen online :)

  6. Will have to give it a watch then