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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Challenge Day 74 - Aztec Priests and Demons Day 1

So, what's been going on since my last post?

On Monday evening I spent a couple of hours spraying the Crusties with black primer:

I also spent a bit of time working out paint schemes for armour, weapons and equipment. I still need to decide how I want the bases to look - I'm considering a "scorched earth" look.

Yesterday I wasn't in the mood for painting, so took the evening off.

This evening I've made a start on the last seven Aztecs from my original batch (reinforcements are almost here - I got the "little red card of frustration" from Royal Mail today. These seven consist of four priest warriors and a "demon warrior" (Itzimitli) command group. Having learned my lesson from painting the jaguar warriors, I chose to start by painting the feathered suits.This was done in three steps - basecoat in a dark shade; heavy damp-brush in a mid shade; fairly selective light damp-brush in a bright shade. Two of the priests and two of the Itzimitli are in white suits, highlighted up from light grey, another priest is in green, the last in red and the Itzimitli commander in blue.

First highlight. Errr, yes, that is a different figure in blue...
Second highlight

I'll be basecoating the bases later on tonight. Tomorrow I'll be working on the flesh, hair, wood bits, loincloths and sandals. On Friday I'll be doing the shields, back-banners and the Itizimitl helmets. With luck, I'll be able to finish them in time for submission on Saturday in time to submit this week.


  1. Crusties - are these the gzg figures that look a bit predator like ? I've a box of aliens from them that arn't predator types to do but I did think the new predator sculpts were great and warrants a purchase this year. Looking forward to seeing these all done and dusted.

  2. Those Aztecs are going to be a colourful bunch.

  3. Fabulous looking mini's. I have seen some of my mates painted up they are lovely vibrant as these are starting to look I'm sure.