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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Challenge Day 81 - Crusties WIP Day 4

I didn't get as much done today as I'd hoped. This morning was spent doing chores so not painting. Then after lunch I went to make a phone call and discovered that there was a fault - I can't make or receive calls. I ended up spending a shade over 3 hours trying to find out what the problem is, including a trip to the shops to buy a basic corded phone set to see if it was my phone was the problem. It wasn't. I've got an engineer booked to come out on Friday morning.

All of that meant that it wasn't until very late afternoon that I got a chance to hit the brushes. And to continue with the details on the Crusty armoured infantry. After a break for dinner and a bath, I finally finished the detail work about 11pm and took some pics:

Since then, I've done the basecoat on the basing groundwork. they should be finished tomorrow night.

I doubt I'll have time to paint up the unarmoured Crusty infantry for submission this weekend, so I'll switch to the bug riders - there are only four of them so they should get finished. I'll probably also paint up my Curtgeld figure this weekend - I'm in two minds about whether to submit it as part of the "Risk Taker" theme round.


  1. Very nice mate. While I do not like the black bases I DO realise they are not finished yet. Still enjoying them and looking forward to seeing them finished.

  2. Hope the engineer gets it fixed for you.

  3. @ Fran - thanks! :)

    @ Clint - cheers! You've already seen that I didn't leave the bases black! :)

    @ Whisk - he did get it fixed :)