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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Challenge Day 87 - Crusties WIP

The "Risk Takers and Gamblers" theme round is up:

All Entries

My Entry - "It's The Pits, Baby!"

I've almost finished the Crusties grunts. Last night I painted the first batch of 16 figures, including the varnishing. This evening I've been painting the second batch of 16 - just a couple of washes and the varnishing to do. I think I'll take pics and submit them as my 20th entry once the varnish is dried, just to rack up some more points.

First batch at back, current batch in front

I've still got the heavy weapons, specialists and leader to paint up - I should be able to do those over the next two evenings, leaving Friday night and Saturday for other things. I've got the Curtgeld to do still and there are a couple of other quick projects I want to paint up.

On Sunday night I'd had enough of painting for the day, but I wasn't idle - I glued all this lot together:

These will be some reinforcements for my NSL. I'll be painting them up after the Challenge.

OK, back to painting now...


  1. There a few more points to be had there!

  2. A good looking force - nicely painted. I was looking at my unpainted crusties and had no ideas on painting. Thanks for getting me thinking.

  3. @ Fran - no! I'm not a machine girl - I'm a real one! :)

    @ Michael - there sure are :)

    @ Dannoc - glad to have been of inspiration to you :)

  4. Good to see expansion of this force. It's going to be an excellent collection. The basing is awesome.