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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Challenge Day 91 - 1 Day Remaining

Cripes, the end is getting close. Just about 30 hours until the shutters come down and no more entries can be submitted. As that would be 7am on Monday for me, and I don't fancy pulling an all-nighter, in practical terms I've got about 24 hours left to finish off my final submissions.

This afternoon (I had a much-needed lie-in) I started off by priming two of the three sets of figures I'm going to be working on. Why not the third? Well...you see, I'd forgotten to do the basing on those - I got that done this afternoon in between doing some other things.

Once that was out of the way I cracked on and painted my Curtgeld figure ("Curtgeld" is what we call the entry fee figure that we send to Curt as a token of our thanks for all the work he does organising the Challenge). It's been submitted, but hasn't been posted yet.

With that done, it was time to start work on some of the other figures. Both sets needed an initial wash step, partly to bring out detail, partly to provide some pre-shading. I started work on the smaller set, then decided that if I want to secure my top 10 position I needed to focus on the larger batch. I therefore switched and started painting the cloth.

As no blog post is complete without a pic, here's one of everything I'm working on:

Yes, I think you can see now that the big batch are some ghouls from Mantic and one of the smaller batches is the Nightfolk teddy bears from Northumbrian Tin Soldier. The batch I haven't primed are some cops from Copplestone.

I'll probably paint the base colour on the bases of the ghouls before going to bed.

One bit that really brightened my day was Curt posting his Tribute figure for me - my reward for helping out with the running of the Challenge. Penelope McFadden is a gorgeous lass, whom I'll be pleased to add to my collection.


  1. gosh you paint fast Tamsin

  2. Great looking ghoules like what you've done with them. I've done some mantic ghoules too but only 4. They should be on tomorrow.