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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wednesday update

My right shoulder was much better today - no noticeable pain, so I was able to do some painting. I actually managed to finish the 6mm Union infantry:

I'm not basing these just yet. I've got two more line and two Zouave regiments to paint up. I'll base them all up in one go.

That's two items from my list done.

Once they were painted, I moved on to item 3 of the list I posted on Saturday - finishing off the prep on the 25mm GZG figures. Everything was going very nicely until I got onto the last few figures - the nuns, priest and drunk. One of the nuns had a lot of excess lead in the gap under her habit. To get it out I started drilling it with a pinvice. Skinny bit, slightly too much pressure - cue one snapped drill-bit and the stump skipping into my left thumb.


Lots of blood (well, it looked like lots, but probably wasn't that much really). the stump did go in about a quarter-inch and my thumb is a bit swollen and tender now. I did wash the wound thoroughly immediately after it happened, making sure to squeeze blood out to get rid of any crap that might have been carried in by the stump. Hopefully the swelling will have gone down by tomorrow.

Anyway, I did manage to finish the prep (with my thumb suitably covered with a pad of tissue to maintain pressure on the wound).

That's three items ticked off the list.

Of course, the fourth item on the list is...

...the road-sweeper!!

Fun time tomorrow! :)


  1. Ouch and they do look great. If you can get some use MgSO4 paste - will draw out any potential infection better than anything.

  2. Sorry to hear about the injury.
    Lesson learned about messing about with Nuns' habits...

  3. So nice to see you back on the painting bench! Nice looking yanks!! :D Sorry about the injury :( Cheers!

  4. Ouch!

    Worse hobby incident I ever had was using an X-acto knife to get a newly arrived package open. The knife worked like a charm, going through the thick tape and into my thumb without the slightest hint of resistance. Worse part was that this was back in college, so I had to head down from the 11th floor of my dorm to the bottom level to get some emergency supplies.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how dangerous this hobby can be. A friend of mine managed to cut his leg open with a craft knife. I hate to think how many times I've wounded myself with blades, drill bits, superglue or spray paint in the eyes. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Yeah we have all had those type of injuries. Part of doing the hobby I am afraid!

    The Union Infantry does look good though. I find it quite inspiring and may start a 6mm project of my own

  7. Nice work on the Union Infantry.

  8. Ooo sounds painful. Goes with the territory I guess.

  9. @ Martin - cheers! I fear that by the time I get hold of MgSO4 paste it would be too late to block any infection that had got in.

    @ Paul - oh dear. With that comment about not messing with nuns' habits you've got me onto a Blue Brothers roll:
    Jake: What are we doing here?
    Elwood: You promised you'd visit the penguin the day you got out.
    Jake: Yeah? So I lied to her.
    Elwood: You can't lie to a nun. We got to go in and visit the penguin.


    @ RMacedo - it's good to be back at the brushes. Glad you like the figures :)

    @ Brian - now that's a bad accident :(

    @ Natholeon - knives I've never had a problem with; just drill bits. And superglue.

    @ Gordon - thanks! :)

    @ Clint - cheers! My H&S risk assessment was clearly inadequate. Or my memory of past occasions doing the same thing ;)

    @ Pat G - thanks! :)

    @ Lee - it certainly does go with the territory :)

  10. Ahhh, yes done that. Hope it heals swiftly