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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Saturday Workbench: Road-Sweeper Day Two

Today has been a right scorcher (by UK standards), so I didn't want to do any work on the road-sweeper until this evening when it had cooled down a bit. But I've made great progress - the vehicle has been fully assembled and I've started adding bodged scrap metal armour to it.

Of course, my workbench is a bit of a mess right now:

Some close-ups of the road-sweeper WIP:

I'll carry on with the build tomorrow as it's rather late now.

My day wasn't entirely wasted by the heat though. I needed to go into central London to pick up some bits and bobs from 4D Model Shop and once that was done thought to myself "Whey not take a look in Hamleys to see what Hotwheels they have". A quick hop on the Tube and I was on Regent Street.

It was a good move - I came away with quite a haul:

Five (five!!!) Flashfire 5-packs*, my eighth Rip Rod, another Lancer Evolution, a Transit, a Pass 'n Gasser and a Corvette CR.7. The last two are the only new ones and I found those in a pound shop on my way into central London. They take my count to 16 new car models, leaving 8 on my allowance.

*That might seem a lot, but gives me 8 each of 5 cars for doing custom paint jobs. Given how rare these seemed to be locally, I decided it made sense to snaffle them up while I had the chance (even though they were a bit more expensive than elsewhere). I can now stop searching for them.

ps - my left thumb is healing nicely :)


  1. I enjoy seeing Workbench Saturday.

  2. The road sweeper certainly is coming along, but more importantly-you bought more cars!

  3. The road sweeper is unrecognisable, But does look jolly good fun!

  4. The road sweeper is awesome Tamsin and just in case anyone was in any doubt you have now have a fully fledged obsession. Hamleys no less!

  5. I love the road sweeper - it looks like a fun project. Sorry about the heat in England - hopefully September will bring cooler temps

  6. The road sweeper is looks the business as I'm sure it will be giving someone the business very soon.

  7. Superb work on that road sweeper, looks very characterful!

  8. Now that is a roadsweeper to be recond with. Looking forward to the finished model.

  9. @ Whisk - I'm glad you enjoy reading them. That's one good reason for me to keep them going :)

    @ Anne - thanks and indeed I did. I have a reputation to maintain after all :)

    @ Clint - I *might* have gone a little overboard with the armour plates ;)

    @ Michael A - there were doubts? ;)

    @ Miles - the heat here is nothing compared to some places, but when you aren't used to it it's a pain :)

    @ Robert - thanks. When it's finished, I'm sure you'll like it even more :)

    @ Kieran - cheers! :)

    @ Dannoc - "You don't ever mess with the road-sweeper son." :)