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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Goodies Part 2

Well, I've had the identity of the two freebie figures I couldn't identify confirmed (thank you Mr Tuffley for the information!).

So, on with the pics of the unpacked figures. I'll start with the ones I had ordered.

SL1 Vehicle Crew
SL4 Colonial Security Team
SL11 Street Cops
SL12 News Team
SL23 Nuns and Drunk; SLS23 Priest*
SLS01 Adventurer/Character; SLS03 Male Crew/Pilot; SLS02 Engineer/Tech; SLS04 Female Crew/Colonel 
CR1A, CR2A, CR2B Senior Officers
CM02 Blonde Biker/Merc; CM05 VR Freedom Fighter; CM12 Warrior; CM22A Huntress

BB01, BB04, BB-B1, BB-B3 Biker Babes

Bike alongside a Hotwheels car
Alongside another car
The bikes don't scale too badly with the cars which is good, but the range of riders is a touch limited.

* the nuns, drunk and priest will actually be useful as citizens of Salutesville as well.

And now for the freebies:

SL13 Security Van Crew
SL15 Civilian Casualties
SL23 Evil Kultists
CM03 Treasure Hunter; CM09 Terminator Babe; BB03 Biker Babe
CR1B Senior Officer; CR3B Crew in EVA Suit with plasma cutter/welder
The two I couldn't identify yesterday**
** These two figures are actually from the Bubblegum Crisis range, but were never released as a figure pack, but were included with a car (no longer produced). It turns out that Jon includes them as freebies occasionally with orders.
They represent Inspector Leon McNichols and Detective Daley Wong.

Jon had also included these packs of 15mm figures:

M06 Mercenary Snipers/Marksmen; C25 Colonial Defence Force Mortar Crews
So, my freebie pack equates to about (probably just over in fact) 50% of the value of my actual order. Sweet!

I've now got plenty of figures for duelists, MONDOs, arena staff and general civvies/collateral damage. Oh and the start of a biker gang, although the outfits most of those babes are wearing don't seem very practical...

Of course, there are some other figures I'm going to want now - medics, firefighters, armed & armoured cops. And some spectators to populate the grandstand.


  1. Ooooh shiny! What a splendid haul Tamsin.

  2. Nice...and bonus Freebies! Very nice!

  3. Great additions and what a good score with the freebies


  4. Nice of Jon. Good to see the selection as well.

  5. What a great looking bunch of figures!

  6. A lot of stuff you got there :-D

    Cool! Great bunch of miniatures. Can't wait to see them painted^^

  7. @ Michael A - splendid describes the haul perfectly :)

    @ Brendon - doubly nice is always good :)

    @ Ian - certainly great additions. The only trouble now is that I've got rather a lot to paint up... ;)

    @ Clint - I think it was a jolly sporting thing for him to do to celebrate 30 years of GZG :)

    @ Simon Q - I agree :)

    @ Stargazer - it is rather a lot. I don't know when I'll get them all painted - there's a lot ahead of them in the queue :)

    @ Phyllion - all the figures are nice, the freebies doubly so as they were free! ;)

  8. Hi Tamsin, IIRC GZG are 'true 25' size, aren't they? Anyway, the point is that Denizen Mini's figures are the same size, in case you wanted some more figs in that size

  9. I was trying to catch up with your blog and just saw this. These figures look great! I wonder how they would scale with the 1/72 (20mm) stuff I have, It looks pretty close if that is a Hotwheels/ Matchbox size car. For some reason the GZG site presents itself as a threat on my computer. So I haven't clicked through on the links yet.


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