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Monday, 31 August 2015

Monday Update

Nothing finished today, but lots of bits and pieces at various stages of being done.

Playing with Pearls

Well, using that van box that I sprayed with silver, gold and copper yesterday. This morning I went over the metals with Brite Yellow; this afternoon I added Sunrise Yellow to the mix. It doesn't really show up very well, but here are pics anyway:

Dropped Spikes

Remember those gems I bought from the pound shop? Well, I decided to do some work on those today. I primed them black, then a few hours later sprayed them with ever brighter and lighter coats of metal (from Plate Mail with a little black, through to Chrome with a little Plate Mail). Nest step will be to add colour spots (red, yellow, green, blue) on the tops to help identify which car dropped them.

Fast 4WD Car Set

I finished polishing the other three cars today:

Scrap Heap Challenge

In Car Wars you need markers for debris and obstacles created by damage to vehicles, buildings etc. These represent bits of armour and bodywork blasted away by weapons fire. To this end I've been slowly working my way through the metal uppers of a bunch of cheap pound-shop cars (10 for a quid!) with a pair of tin snips to produce a pile of scrap. Later on I'll hack up the plastic parts as well. Here's what I've hacked up so far:


I've placed a few orders online.

Amazon - some machine screws, washers and crimping tubes
Sgts Mess - various bits of scatter terrain and some weapons
Brigade Models - some weapons, plus some containers

"Yes, those all look perfectly reasonable, but you haven't posted about buying cars for a few days. Come on - admit it. You've bought more haven't you?"

Well, I might have done. I did buy a couple the other day, but they were a mix of repeats, something I saw that Lord Michael Awdrey might like and some that I knew someone on YouTube was looking for (I'm hoping t trade for some that I'm after!). Only the repeats are shown below.

And then someone in a Facebook Car Wars group asked me if I could find him some Fast 4WDs as his local stores don't seem to have them. I duly went out to the shops this morning to see if I could find them for him. I found two (he needs three). The trouble is that a few other cars somehow leapt into my bag...

The back two rows are all repeats of cars I've already got. The two trucks and the front two rows are new ones. As you can see, my usual treasure troves had done a bit of a restock since my last visit. the two red ones with silver figures were bought to see if I could extract the figures to use as vehicle crew in proper cars. I think they might work (not sure about the guy with both arms in the air...).

So, that's it - no more car purchases until next month!

Oh, and there are four "Treasure Hunt" cars in that photo - all three Enforcers and the light blue one just in front of them. And they were all from pound shops!

Plans for this week:

1. Finish the "spikes" and stick them onto MDF bases.
2. Carry on with the paint technique tests
3. Continue scrapping the cheap-as-chips cars
4. Do some vehicle prep - I might do the Enforcers, just for the hell of it.
5. Maybe - just maybe - I might start work on a "war rig" for the Wastelands - that would be a good way to kick off that project (the Oblitterator will be a prize for someone at some point)
6. Start prepping the reinforcements for my SYW Russians


  1. So you bought more stuff? Well I'll be damned :0)

    Have fun Tamsin!!!

  2. You're going to need a car proof shopping bag or a bigger cupboard. I can't wait to see the debris markers.

  3. Dr Tamsin it is now next month. Please look up the word addiction and seek help ;-)

  4. Just a few? You're going to need to build a multi-storey car park just to hold them all!

  5. Arthur Daley couldn't have done it better!

  6. Sorry for the late replies folks..

    @ Anne - you mean you weren't damned already? :p
    Of course I'll have fun :)

    @ Ski - and your point is? ;)

    @ Robert - you may well be right! :)

    @ Simon - so it is! ;)

    @ Gordon - well, yes, errmm... :)

    @ Francis - VAT Dave - a large one! :)

    @ Whisk - glad to oblige :)