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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Saturday Workbench

I'm pleased to report some progress on the trees - just one step left to do on them before they are finished. That can wait until tomorrow though.

Basing gunk added
Trunks and earth base-coated
Trunks and earth washed
Trunks dry-brushed
Brown foliage added to cover ground
The last step will be adding some small patches of static grass. Then I can drop them off at the club on Monday. It's quite interesting to see how some very basic tarting-up can transform some rather crappy looking cheap "filler" trees into something that doesn't look half bad. I just need to get some cheap boxes from the pound-shop to put them in.

I'm off work on annual leave now until 1st September. Seventeen days of freedom! Woohoo! Knowing myself and what will happen if I'm out and about shopping, I've done myself a deal. I am allowing myself to buy one new car model per day (weekends and bank holidays count as double-days), so a maximum of 24 new car models while I'm off. This morning I bought these new car models.

"Errmmm, hang on a minute. "new car model" could be interpreted two ways, couldn't it? I bet she'll interpret it in a way that means she buys more than 24 cars! J'accuse!!"

I'm offended that you would think such a thing. If you count carefully, there are 17 diecast vehicles there, all of them car models that are new to my collection. Actually, just 13 new car models - plus a big truck, 2 vans and the orange pick-up is technically a truck, isn't it? I mean you never hear people refer to a pick-up car do you?

Now, I might have bought more than one copy of a particular model of car, and I may have bought extras of particular models that I already have, but that doesn't break the rules really, now, does it?

Oh and these.

I already have one of these "Cockney Cab II" models, so they don't count toward the 24 new car models limit. These will be repainted to use as Christmas gifts for work colleagues.

Of the new ones I bought today, these are ones that I'll probably buy a few more of:

2008 Lancer Evolution
Lambourghini Urus
Rip Rod
Honda S2000
The Rip Rod will make a good base for El Cheapo amateur night carts (sub-compacts with hardly any armour and a single weapon - a MG or micro-missile launcher most likely). I'll need another six to do four with each weapon load-out.

The Evolution, Urus and S2000 look good for doing custom paint jobs on - large areas for applying masks to get effects like flames and for adding decals.

The Driftsta could be used for either custom jobs or for doing CW mods on.

Anyway, that's enough of that malarkey for one day. You probably want to know what I'll be doing with my fortnight off.

1. Finishing the trees
2. Finishing the 6mm ACW infantry (yes, they were still looking accusingly at me, so I stuck a sheet of newspaper over them)
3. Finish prepping the 25mm GZG figures
4. Work on the post-apocalyptic road-sweeper
5. Try out some airbrushing techniques on some cars I've been prepping
6. Finish painting Cyber-Scooby
7. Paint the figure I still owe Dux Humonculorum from our side-bet in the Challenge


  1. Good to see you're not letting common sense or storage slow down the car purchases. How many have you got now anyways?

  2. Such an amusing read! Mainly used by women to buy new shoes! Glad to see you have a decent set of priorities!

  3. Still chuckling here as this is exactly the sort of justification that I employ when making purchases! Have a great break Tamsin.

  4. Lovely looking trees and a boatload of cars. Those taxis looks spiffy - interesting to see how they'll all be used.

  5. Enjoy your freedom!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your progress with the cars though. :-)

  6. @ Millsy - Well, there is still some free space in my flat and they don't take up that much room. What's this "common sense" though?
    As for how many I have now, I plead the 5th Amendment :)

    @ Clint - shoes. Hmmm, well, back in my clubbing days I did own rather a lot ;)

    @ Michael - glad to know I'm not alone :)

    @ Dean - thanks. The taxis will get stripped and then be given a fancy new paintjob :)

    @ Whisk - cheers! :)

    @ Stefan - I'll have to get the 6mm ACW done before touching the cars :)

  7. Did somebody say 'cheap'...my favourite war-game scenery word. Half the fun is to take something fairly rubbish and make it a wow-where-did-you-get-those kind of thing.


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