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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Oh, Goody, Goody, Goodies!

I had two packages to collect from the Royal Mail depot after work today. Pics after removing contents from the boxes:

The top pic is the GZG order I placed recently (more 25mm figures for the Car Wars project). The freebie bag is almost as big as my order (the freebies were an offer Jon ran in July to celebrate 30 years of trading). I'll do the unpacking post of these tomorrow as I'm still trying to identify two of the freebie figures.

The second pic needs a little explanation. At the end of the 2014/2015 Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge there were a number of prize draws for challengers who had reached certain points thresholds. I was lucky enough to win a €35 voucher from Barrage Miniatures. After perusing the shop several times over the past few months and following some discussions with Alf, the owner of the company, I placed an order using the voucher code - he also added on free shipping.

Alf's a great guy to deal with, very helpful and enthusiastic and his company's models are fantastic. At the moment it's mostly small watercraft (mainly WWI to WWII era), with some land vehicles, buildings and scenic items but I'm told there are more items in the works. I've seen pics of one of them - a SnoCat for those pulp games set in the Arctic/Antartic (The Thing, Ice Station Zebra or a slightly modernised "At The Mountains of Madness" anyone?). There might also be a modular small ship (tramp steamer, trawler, cutter) in the works with multiple usable decks and holds - at about two foot long and several inches wide, it will be a gaming table all of its own.

Anyway, some pics of the unwrapped goodies:

WWII PG-117 Soviet Assault Boat (28mm/1:56):

LCS(M) British Landing Craft Support MK3 (28mm/1:56):

The hulls are cast in resin, the brown detail pieces are 3D printed.

In case you hadn't guessed, these are for my Salutesville mob wars project.


  1. Who doesn't like goodies, hoping for some myself soon!

  2. The boats look fantastic. Where are the pictures of the car wars figures?

  3. I am also hoping for some goodies today! Barrage miniatures also look very interesting.

  4. Those are two nice boat models. The Soviet one reminds me of the boat from The Last Crusade film, with Indiana Jones fighting atop it in Venice's Lagoon.

  5. Lovely goodies. How's the quality on the 3d prints as opposed to the resin?

  6. Looking good, Tamsin. I can't think of any wargame which hasn't been enhanced by a boat or two!

  7. @ Michael A - indeed, who doesn't like goodies? If anyone finds such a person, they should be imprisoned in solitary confinement (the non-liker not the finder). So, what have you been ordering for yourself now?

    @ Robert - I did say that I'd be doing the unpacking post for the GZG figures today. Watch out for it in a few hours time :)

    @ Clint - hope your goodies arrived and I look forward to seeing what you've treated yourself to. Barrage do have some lovely stuff :)

    @ Roy - I see what you mean about the Indy thing :)

    @ Herbert - the quality of the 3D printed bits is pretty good; some flash to clean up, but it should be quite quick to do :)

    @ Sidney - oh, yes. Boats can only enhance and never detract from a game. Unless the game is set in the middle of a desert or something ;)


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