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Friday, 28 August 2015

Road-Sweeper Day Eight - The "Oblitterator"

Oh, come on! That name is a great pun!

Tsch! there's no pleasing some people.

Anyway, it's finally finished and what a fun time I've had doing it. Just to remind you oh how it looked before my fiendish brain and maniacal hands were set loose on it:

This morning I did the detail painting - and forgot to take photos before the next step. Then, after giving it a coat of Klear, I applied some dirty washes to represent the inevitable build-up of grime and oil/fuel leaks:

Then added some highlights on the rust and metals:

The next step was a bit more tricky - adding some writing (and some "kill" markings) using a 000 brush. That was followed by airbrushing a thinned mix of VMA Golden Brown over the vehicle to make it look dusty, going a bit heavier over the front and lower panels. I *might* have overdone it a bit, but it looks OK. It then got a coat of Vallejo polyurethane matt varnish and the lights and mirror then got touched up with brush-on gloss:

So, that's the Oblitterator, cleaning up the mean and dirty streets. It's definitely not a vehicle to mess with. To the front and rear it has flamethrowers and heavy slug guns (loaded with HE shells); there is also a rear-firing smoke discharger. The owner/driver doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him, as you might be able to tell from his hand painted message on the armour panel protecting the waste collection area - I didn't put a direct-on shot of the back as it contains rude words!

In other news, my Amazon and SnM Stuff orders were delivered today, and my Shesto order has been shipped.

So, what's next? I've still got two jobs on the list I posted at the start of my break - painting Cyber Scooby and Dux's prize figure. I might also do some work on the gems and beads I bought the other day. The gems (for dropped spikes) should be easy as they can just be sprayed on their backing sheet; the beads are more fiddly - I'll have to stick them down onto something first (after separating them from the sequins).


  1. looking at the first picture, this wasn't what I had in mind...
    turned out fantastic, cool idea!!!!

  2. Excellent and it is a terrible pun :)

  3. Damn fine. Good on you, Tamsin.

  4. Turned out excellent, me I am close to finishing something LOL


  5. Looks excellent..
    it certainly wasn´t a ..waste..of time...
    I wouldn´t want to.. brush.. up against that.....
    It´ll make a clean... sweep ...of the City....
    (Austin powers Moment over)

  6. Great work Tasmin. Love this concept.

  7. Good work. I can see that 'cleaning up' the opposition.

  8. It looks very different from the donor vehicle it started as.

  9. Unusual, creative and beautiful!

  10. A real good looking kill wagon Tamsin.........

  11. This has been such a fabulous build Tamsin, you have LITERally SWEPT all preconceptions aside. P.S. I think it was a great pun, certainly not one to RUBBISH. :)

  12. If the Reevers form Firefly needed to clean streets this is what they would use

  13. @ Remco - thanks! I do seem to have disguised it rather well with various bits of "armour" :)

    @ Martin - cheers and cheers! :)

    @ Gordon - thank you! :)

    @ Ski - glad you like it! :)

    @ Ian - cheers! Close to finishing something? Hmmm, knowing your output, I'm going to guess the 1814 Austrian XIIth Corps in 6mm ;)

    @ Paul - thanks! Glad you like it and congrats on being the first to enter into the spirit of things with all those puns! :)

    @ Chris - I aim to surprise and please :)

    @ Jay - thanks! :)

    @ Nate - cheers! That pun was a little weak though - have another go! :)

    @ Clint - well, I *might* possibly have added a bit too much armour for some folks' tastes, but those streets are tough and mean - better safe than roadkill :)

    @ Phil - thanks! Blame Dannoc for the concept! ;)

    @ Francis - good to see you back online big fella! :)
    Glad you like the wagon :)

    @ Michael A - another member of the punning clan! This was a fun build and allowed me to go completely bonkers :)

    @ Adam - I'll take your word for it. Although, from my limited (sad, I know) knowledge of Firefly, Reavers...cleaning up...? :)

  14. Looks great, Tamsin - agree with Adam's opinion, though it could also double as a 40K grot vehicle!

  15. Great vehicle..,..looks fantastic. If I had a problem with my car I will give you a call.

  16. That is seriously good Tamsin. Dangerous looking thing it is and the name is perfect for it!

  17. @ Evan - thanks! So many potential uses for it :)

    @ Markus - cheers! Why call me? Unless you want it blasted to smithereens, burnt to ashes then swept up? ;)

    @ Anne - ta! I've enjoyed building it and playing with new techniques. I'm pleased with the finished article and it seems everyone loves it :)

    1. Do it the McGyver way....with some staples and a chewing gum

  18. Rusty guzoline violence! Very nice end result. cheers

  19. Very nice bit of work that. Literally unique.

  20. @ Brendon - rusty and dusty! cheers! :)

    @ Pat G - well, if anyone else had produced something identical that would be very spooky indeed and might be enough of a distortion of the space-time fabric to cause the apocalypse! ;)