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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Challenge Day 9 - Shinies and Progress

I got some shinies in the post today - the Mongols and 30 Years War figures I'd ordered from Donnington.

Now, stop looking at shininess and carry on reading!

I didn't actually do any painting last night, but have certainly made up for it today. The limbers and guns just need a wash; the limber horses just need the metalwork on their tack to be done; the artillery crew and commanders are very nearly finished.

I've also made good progress on the cuirassiers, dragoons and horse grenadiers.

I've got Monday off work, so there's a good chance all of these will be finished painting before Tuesday. That will allow me to get the basing done on Tuesday and have them flocked and photographed by end of play on Wednesday.

Of course that leaves me to decide whether or not to submit the cavalry and commanders in the "Mounts and Riders" bonus round. Although the extra points would be handy, there's a part of me that wants to go for a "pure" points total. Well, I've got a few days to ponder over that.


  1. Oh they are absolutely wonderful Tamsin. Those last two pics really show off their colours. You're going great guns :-)

  2. Ahh, Cuirrassiers and artillery, now we're talking - your's look very good.I seem to recollect that the Prussians used darker (read black) horses for their Cuirrasiiers, whilst the dragoons had the chestnuts etc, was it not similar with the Russians ?

  3. Fantastic progress and great colours. They're going to look lovely when they're all formed up.

  4. Ohhh shiny! I promised myself that I wasn't to buy additional miniatures for this year's challenge and so far so good, but I can't see me holding out for much longer. As for pure points, I would stick them in the theme round and bag the extra 50 - it might prove useful for bragging rights when the dust settles.

    1. Agreed. My cavalry is being saved for the bonus round :)

  5. Very nice and more shinny's too - will father christmas be bringing you anymore?

  6. I did stop reading at the shinies then had to jolt myself out of it. I will be going for pure points but don't condemn any who are not. So which ever you choose will be the right choice.

  7. Blooming heck Tamsin you are a painting demon,

  8. You have been busy!...and a top up of Shiney to boot, nice.

  9. You're going great guns Tamsin, I think you're gonna be given Millsy a run for his money this year!!

  10. @ Blax - they do look a bit more colourful than I might have implied :)

    @ Zabadak - indeed, but I spotted that after I'd painted the horses. I'll be trying to remember it for future cuirassier regiments.

    @ Herbert - I'm pretty sure they'll look the dogs when they are all formed up.

    @ Michael A - these shinies are unlikely to be painted during the Challenge. I'm erring toward going "pure".

    @ Dannoc - nope, I've been a naughty girl, so no pressies from Santa for me ;)

    @ Clint - shinies do mesmerise, don't they? ;)

    @ Petal - shhh! People aren't meant to know about my infernal origins ;)

    @ Dave - but nowhere near as busy as some of you guys.

    @ Ray - I think Millsy is safe. I've got a target, I've got a plan (sort of) and I'm sticking to it (sort of) :)


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