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Thursday, 4 December 2014

And So It Begins (Tomorrow)

Yes, this is the final day before the Vth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge begins. Brush-off is at 6am tomorrow for those of us in the UK. Sadly, I will miss out on the first 12 hours or so, but plan to hit the brushes as soon as I got home in the evening. Well, maybe after having a cup of tea.

I thought that my post this evening would be a good opportunity to do a round-up of what I plan to paint over the next 15 weeks.

Things Which Will Definitely Be Painted

These figures/models are all prepped and primed, apart from the anti-hero entry fee figure

15mm Seven Years War Russians

3 generals
2 field artillery pieces plus 6 crew
a pair of 2-horse limbers
2 regiments of hussars
2 regiments of dragoons/horse grenadiers
2 regiments of cuirassiers
2 regiments of grenadiers
6 regiments of musketeers

6mm ACW

Union/Confederate - 27 artillery pieces plus plus 128 crew - probably done as 15 Union/12 Confederate or 17/10

18 command figures
22 infantry regiments
2 Zouave regiments
7 mounted and 2 dismounted cavalry regiments

18 command figures
20 infantry regiments plus skirmishers
2 Zouave regiments plus skirmishers
7 mounted and 2 dismounted cavalry regiments

I've got a bunch more figures (generals, some more artillery, wagons, limbers, dismounted cavalry, casualties, tents, camp bits) in the wings that still need to be prepped and primed. I'll do these if I have time. Actually, I'll prep and prime the casualties this weekend as I'll want them for adding to bases.

Eurasian Solar Union (ESU) Space Fleet

20 ships - 3 scouts, 3 corvettes, 2 frigates, 2 destroyers, 2 light cruisers, 2 escort cruisers, 2 heavy cruisers, 1 battle cruiser, 1 battleship, 1 battle dreadnought, 1 super dreadnought

28mm Anti-Hero Figure

You'll have to wait and see as I still haven't bought the figure for this.

Things I Hope To Paint

or at least make a good start on.

28mm Wars of The Roses

I've got 12 cavalry and nearly 200 infantry to prep, assemble, prime and paint for this army. If I can even get just a couple of units painted before the end of the Challenge, that will be a good start

15mm SciFi

If I can work out how I'm going to base them, I'll have about a company's worth of NSL troops to paint up. And maybe some vehicles if I get around to ordering them.

Things That Might Get Painted

15mm Koreans

I've got some more figures to add to my Korean army. I might just paint up a unit of Warrior Monks during the Challenge.

15mm Pirates

I never did finish painting my pirate army. If I have time, I'll paint up the artillery.

15mm Mongols

If I remember to order the extra figures, I should have three units of heavy cavalry to paint up. And another command stand.

More Spaceships

I've got some more spaceships due to arrive in the next few days to add to the rather large pile I already have waiting to be painted. The chances are that I won't paint any extras unless Clint finds himself buying more.

Phew! That's quite a list now I can sit back and look at it. It's just as well I'm not easily intimidated!


  1. Now that's lot to be painting. I've based the the NSL standard figures on 5p pieces and weapons team on a small FOW base.
    Looking forward to seeing your finished items.
    Good luck

  2. Nice one. A strong list of goodies.

  3. Not quite and endless list but very nearly, good luck with it all.

  4. Twas the night before Challenge and all through the house,
    Not a paintbrush was stirring, if you touch one you're a louse!
    The prepping's been done by the Challengers with care,
    In the hope that St Curtis soon will be there...

    Have a great Challenge Tamsin! Looking forward to sharing it with you again :-)

    1. Thanks Anne. I had planned a whole post on it myself last night and then real life got in the way.

    2. Well done. Most excellent.

  5. Best on this impressive endeavor!

  6. You do have things very well planned out and I know you will do well. I hope you get through this lot so I can see you paint your Sci-Fi and your Pirates.

    Get a good nights sleep!

  7. Looks like great selection of stuff you have got planned, good luck getting through it all Tamsin.

  8. I'm so impressed, Tamsin. You have plans that are military in their precision. I have some vague notions in my head and some stuff somewhere on my table. I'm sure we'll both have fun, but my money's on you for a strong finish this time round.
    Cheers and good luck,

  9. Great range of minis, Tamsin. Really looking forward to seeing how they all turn out over the next few months. Clearly you've got a bit of a game plan as well. Good Luck!!

  10. Good list and I am still to decide what to get for the entry fee.

  11. That,s a bloody big list Tamsin! Good luck young lady!

  12. Its time to for warp speed Ms. P!

  13. I think your strong point is the variety. You're ulikely to get paint brush lag as you can switch subjects AND they're all viable wargame projects.

    Anyone running a book on this?

  14. Dear Tamsin,
    Your proposed schedule is truly impressive. Just don't overdo the whole thing. Being competitive is healthy - having it exhaust you and having a recurrence of your illness is not. Like many of your e-friends, I am looking forward to seeing your completed work.

  15. Good luck Tamsin! Your painting for the competition blows away my painting for the year!

  16. @ Dannoc - I'll probably be basing the NSL in small groups rather than singly. It does look like a lot to be painting, but it is going to be spread over 15 weeks which doesn't make it quite so bad.

    @ Whisky - thanks :)

    @ Clint - it is a good list :)

    @ Miles - it will be impressive if I get all the "definites" done. It will be really impressive if I get any of the extras done as well.

    @ Zabadak - not quite endless, as you say :)

    @ Millsy - thanks for the poem :)

    @ DeanM - cheers! I hope you enjoy following everyone's exploits

    @ Anne - the sci-fi should be a nice, relaxing job compared to the detailed historical stuff. I can't guarantee pirates I'm afraid, but if I do find myself with some time they'll slip into the schedule.

    @ Dave - variety is the spice of life. "The spice must flow!" :)

    @ Michael P - military precision? Maybe, if the military in question is the most optimistic yet hopeless militia! I'm hoping for a strong finish, given my previous 2 years, but I don't think I'll get anywhere near to the points of the top 3.

    @ Blax - I like having a good mix of figures as it helps to break up the monotony that can come from painting a lot of the same stuff over an extended period.

    @ Brendon - I think I know what I want to get for the anti-hero, but need to find the right figure.

    @ Stefan - ambitious, but achievable if I don't get sidetracked

    @ Rodger - the list is only big for me if I do the extras :)

    @ Robert - indeed. Warp speed ahead. :)

    @ Gary - yup. Having a mix of figure scales and types should help avoid tedium-induced burnout.

    @ Jerry - the flake-out this summer was a result of the noise from building works. I'm fully recovered now, so ti shouldn't be an issue. I know the signs, and if they do crop up, I'll down brushes and take things easy.

    @ Terry - it generally blows away my painting for the rest of the year. I think it's a good way to use the winter months when it is cold and dark outside.

    To all my fellow competitors - good luck! :)

  17. Good luck, I love the wide mix of periods you've got in front of you! Fun to paint and twice the fun to play.


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