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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Challenge Day 5 - A Minor Disaster

The Challenge is only on Day 5 and already we have had a lot of entries. Some Challengers have submitted several entries. I'm hoping that they've forgotten that it is a 15-week marathon and not a sprint, so will run out of steam very soon, allowing me to catch up.

I had a minor disaster this evening with the hussars - the ink washes to give definition have managed to make the white look mucky, the yellow to take on a mucky orange tinge and the faces to look very sunburnt/tanned. I'm going to have to go back over these areas with white/yellow/flesh before varnishing them now.

I've also made some progress on the cuirassiers, dragoons and horse grenadiers. Last night I did the flesh (faces only - these guys are all wearing gloves!). This evening I've done breaches, waistcoats and jackets. I'm dreading doing the red piping on the jackets of the cuirassiers - I might have to use an ultrafine tip pen for that job.

I've taken tomorrow off work, so should be able to make significant progress on all of these cavalry.


  1. Great stuff Tamsin. Sorry to hear about your ink mishap but hopefully you can swiftly rectify the minis. They look great btw. Another top WIP posting. Many thanks indeed :-)

  2. It's always dis-heartening when the "final step" ends up causing so much damage you have to repaint things. Good luck with the clean up.

  3. Yes. A lot of sprinters heading out the gate. I am still painting everyday but not as fast as others. Looks like you are making good progress. cheers

  4. Washing can be tricky especially when dealing with white you want definition not dirt. I had some trials with a beard on a certain fellow for my cold entry let me tell you it came out in the end but took about 3 tries.

  5. I can feel your pain Tamsin. I just got made a new base to replace the one I broke on Sunday. There's only 100 days left before the end, so you better hurry up :0)

  6. A wash malfunction, hate having to do over again hope it goes quick


  7. Nightmare. No one needs a Wash disaster. But In the Marathon you do have time to catch up. As for multiple submissions I try to paint everyday and usually blog every other day so I tend to chip away at the target and not drop bombs. I am sure you will over take me pretty soon.. Probably next week or the week after.

  8. Sorry about the setback but your cavalry really looks nice from what I can see.

  9. They're looking good, despite your minor setback.

  10. Nice progress to bad about the wash. They look good though and i'm sure it won't take long to sort out.

  11. I'm not sure you need to worry about the wash too much, they look fine in the photographs, perhaps an extra highlight or two will lift them.

  12. They do look nice Tamsin, shame about the trouble with the wash.

  13. @ Blax - like I said, a minor disaster. It didn't take too much to recover from it

    @ Aaron - yup, annoying. At least it was something which could be recovered from, unlike the time someone accidentally sprayed their finished figures with black primer instead of varnish.

    @ Brendon - just keep plugging away at a solid pace is my aim :)

    @ Adam - my mistake was using diluted ink, rather than one of my wash mixes I think.

    @ Anne - ouch! That must have been a pain for you. But what's with this telling me to hurry up? ;)

    @ Ian - fortunately it was easily recovered :)

    @ Clint - luckily it wasn't too bad. I'm sure I will overtake you at some point :)

    @ Chris - thanks, glad you like them :)

    @ Dean - cheers :)

    @ Simon - thanks. Luckily it didn't take much work in the end.

    @ MichaelA - you're right. All it took was a bit of highlighting to sort them out

    @ Ray - thanks. These things happen.


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