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Monday, 15 December 2014

Challenge Day 11 - Posting Early Today Because

...I've got a game of Gruntz tonight against Simon. Well, that slightly messes up my earlier plans for world domination finishing painting the Russian cavalry.

I've had a fairly productive day so far though, despite a long lie-in and taking an hour or so out to do some shopping. The cuirassiers, artillery and commanders have all been based and gunk added to the bases. That is drying now and should be ready for touch-ups and dry-brushing when I get home from the club. I might even be able to get them flocked tonight.

"Where are the guns on the artillery bases?"

Ahh, so you spotted that. Well done! There's a very simple explanation - in King of the Battlefield, guns are left separate so that they can be turned around to indicate that they are limbered. It also allows you to change the types of gun (eg from cannon to howitzer).

I've also managed to fit in a couple of steps on the dragoons and horse grenadiers this afternoon. I've still got to do all the black, the metals and then any touching up required.

The observant among you will have noticed that the blue is a little darker now. I thought it looked a bit too light, so I gave them a wash of watered-down Intense Blue (70.925). That seems to have given them the look I was after.

If I remember to take pics of the game and have time when I get home, I'll update this post with them.


  1. For some reason I pictured you paint-brush in one hand whilst typing your blog with the other, all the time sipping coffee (or some other stimulant) through a straw.
    You're going great guns (no pun intended) - was you list long enough I wonder ?
    The blueon the dragoons seems awfuly "electic" atm, but I'm guessing that's the flash.

  2. You're cracking along at a fine pace Tamsin. Looking forward to seeing this up on the board!

    Best of luck with the game tonight!

  3. As ever I'm impressed with your pace. Wish I could produce the quantity and quality that you do.
    Nice figures.

  4. Keep going. You will be top of the leader board in No time at all.

  5. @ Zabadak - not quite. I'm actually rigged up to a controlled rate IV of dextrose-saline, nutrients and caffeine ;)
    I'm pretty sure my original list is long enough, certainly long enough to meet my target :)

    @ Anne - I think I've judged my pace quite well so far, which is a good thing.

    @ Dannoc - I have a secret method for painting so quickly. It's called the "Don't have a life or family" method ;)

    @ Clint - I sincerely doubt that. Have you seen the rate Dave and Millsy are cranking out figures?


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