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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Challenge Day 26 - I Mitre Nearly Finished The Grenadiers

OK, I'll give you a minute to stop groaning at the awful pun in the title.

Finished groaning? OK, let's get on with the post.

As the title suggests, I'm very near to finishing the grenadiers. All the painting is done and they have been varnished. Once that is fully dry, I'll pop them off their sticks and start gluing them onto 30x30 bases. Once the superglue has had a chance to fully set, I'll add the basing gunk. That should let me finish them off tomorrow.

The flags weren't as bad to paint as I'd feared, but I hate mitres. More accurately, I hate the backs of mitres. It's just as well that I'll only ever have to paint two more regiments of grenadiers for my Russians.

So, pics in current state:

I think I want to take a mental break before starting on the musketeer regiments. I've already decided what I'll paint up, but I'll leave it as a surprise. I may even start on them tonight.


  1. Does the superglue ever give you headaches?

  2. Well done they are coming along very nicely.

    But Please no more puns!

  3. Oh dear and because of this pun i chose not to comment on the usual high quality of your painting.

  4. *groan* but lovely Grenadiers. ;)

  5. There's another way to look at this. Minifigs used to make Old Guard Grenadiers in greatcoat and bearskin cover. I, of course, bought and painted some. I grimace whenever I have to put them on the table; I'm really not that lazy...
    This bunch and the ones to come should make you smile each time they appear on the table.

  6. They're good, which is more than can be said for the pun (but I still enjoyed it)

  7. Looking forward to seeing the unit fully based as they are excellent at present.
    Cheers, Ross


  8. They are looking good and I love the flags

  9. Hats off to you, that was awful! It's a good job you can paint! :-)

  10. @ Whisk - not normally. I sometimes find that my nose gets bunged up if I've been using a lot.

    @ Clint - all done, submitted and Curt has even posted them already. However, I can't promise not to come up with more puns :)

    @ Dave - thanks!

    @ Dannoc - I can understand how the bad pun might have prevented you from commenting on the quality of the painted figures :)

    @ Michael A - *grin* thanks :)

    @ Phyllion - a pleasure to provide it :)

    @ Mike - I do like how they look now they're done, but painting them... :)

    @ Zabadak - thanks. I knew that the pun was dreadful :)

    @ Ross - Cheers. If you take a look on the Challenge blog. Either I've been in a daze for three days or Curt has posted them early :)

    @ Petal - thanks. The flags were scary to do.

    @ Millsy - indeed it is :)


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