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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Challenge Day 6 - Disaster Recovered

Phew! Yesterday's minor disaster didn't take too much work to recover from. Funnily enough, it actually seems to have improved the colour of the yellow hussars - serendipity at work!

I din't get as much work done on the cavalry as I might have liked during my day off. That's mostly down to having a lie-in this morning, and a 2 hour nap late afternoon. Oh, and an hour of shopping, and another hour of household chores.

Still, I have made good progress. Before going out to the shops, the hussars received a coat of brush-on varnish. I'm using the Golden Acrylics matte varnish. This was rather thick out of the bottle, so I cut it with some water to aid flow onto the figures.

Once they had dried, I popped them off the sticks and superglued them onto 30x30 bases. A while later, when they were securely attached, I added some basing gunk (coarse texture gel, Vallejo fine pumice gel, PVA glue and some burnt umber ink). This had dried within a few hours, so I touched up the spots which had been missed by the gunk, then dry-brushed them. And flocked them. And took photographs of them. And drafted a post on the Challenge blog.

So, no pics of the hussars until they've been up on the Challenge blog for 24 hours.

However, I can show you the small amount of progress I've made on the rest of the cavalry.

Not much progress, as you can see, but it's one more step out of the way - the horse tack.


  1. Looking forward to seeing them posted!

  2. I am not copying you! I promise but I had a Wash upset yesterday. and now that (20 Sci fi vehicles) Have been put away for the duration or at least a while so I can do some more standard painting.

    Good luck to you.

  3. All is good in the painting world again thenm, which is goo to know. I did think that a quick re-highlighting would make the "disaster" turn out good. As for painting horses and their accompanying tack - "Aargh" is my reponse, I hate painting horses !

  4. Glad your firing on so many cylinders, it's good to be in front of you though not for long LOL


  5. Things happen for a reason, great news Tamsin.

  6. Ack! The dreaded wash fail! Many of us have been there and it's horrible, but at least recoverable.

  7. Oh, bother! I forgot to post replies the other day, so some of these will be too late.

    @ Anne- and you did see them posted :)

    @ Clint - that sounds like a much worse disaster than mine. Don't let it get you down.

    @ Zabadak - I was hoping that was all it would take, and I was right. I actually enjoy painting horses for some odd reason :)

    @ Ian - yup, it's certainly good to be back in the swing of things :)

    @ Michael A - they certainly do :)

    @ Millsy - I think this is the first time it has happened for me, but it all came right in the end :)


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