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Friday, 12 December 2014

Challenge Day 8 - A Big Huzzah For The Hussars!

I've taken a break from painting this evening. So far. I might do a bit of work on the artillery later on as there isn't much left to do to them. Oh, and the horse tack for the commanders while I'm doing that of the limber horses.

But back to the bit of this post you have all been waiting for - the hussars!

Curt posted the pics yesterday, so I can post them here now. I won't repeat the blurb I posted there, but just to let you know that the figures are 15mm from Essex and these two units earned me 72 points.

Obligatory group shot:

Zeltiy Hussarskiy (Yellow Hussars)

This regiment was mainly recruited from Serbian settlers. They fought in the battles of Paltzig and Kunersdorf and took part in the 1761 campaign in Pomerania.

Slobodskiy Hussarskiy (Slovakian Hussars)

As the name suggests, this regiment was mainly recruited from Slovakians. They took part in the 1761 campaign in Pomerania and were involved in the siege of Colberg.

I love hussars. Bold, bright uniforms; dash and elan; completely nuts. What's not to like?

Having painted these, I want to paint more. Now let's see -
2 more regiments in mirlitons
Makedonskiy - light blue and red
Bolgarskiy - reportedly the same as the Zeltiy, although it seems probable that the uniforms were not actually issued before the regiment was disbanded. But what the heck? Hussars in yellow and black!

8 * regiments in Kolpaks (busby-type headgear) - I'll have to use Austrian hussars for these
Serbskiy - blue with black trim
Gruzinskiy - yellow dolman and pelise; red breeches
Venguerskiy - red with black trim
Moldavskiy - red dolman and breeches; blue pelise
1st and 2nd Novoserbskiy** - as Moldavskiy
1st and 2nd Slavianoserbskiy** - green dolman and pelise; red breeches

*the 1st and 2nd Novoserbskiy were both double strength with 10 active companies and 10 in reserve. I think it might be overkill to do the reserve companies as well. It is quite possible that the Slavianoserbskiy were also double strength.

Huzzah! Hussars!


  1. Superb stuff Tamsin. Great series of postings on them too!!

  2. Awesome work Tamsin! good strong contrast of colours, the figures really "pop" out from their bases... Stunning!


  3. I'm still speechless after reading the bit where you've said you want to have 12 units of hussars. Opponents are going to love playing against you ;)

  4. Love these. One of my favourite entries so far.

  5. Lovely job, but don't get the hussar bug. My French Napoleonics ended up with eight regiments, then down to two in a fit of reason, but now back up to four (when they're all painted). It's the road to hell!

  6. That was a nice first entry Tamsin. I need to take a couple of days off, but I can't due to the upcoming Holidays. I'll miss a week of painting then.

  7. Great units and yes, you can have too much of a good thing !

  8. @ Stokes - thank you :)

    @ Blax - I'm glad your enjoying being along for the ride. You'll find that the seats are well-padded should we encounter any bumpy spots :)

    @ Phil - that's what I love about hussars - the bright colours :)

    @ Clint - thanks :)

    @ Rodger - cheers :)

    @ Roy - nice as it would be to have *every* regiment of hussars, I think that is probably overkill. ps - it would actually be 14 more to paint!

    @ Millsy - now, that is praise indeed :)

    @ Gary - yeah, well...whilst they might look all Fancy Dan, in the rules we use at the club they aren't that hot so I might not do all the possible regiments.

    @ Anne - I thought you'd like them, what with the bright colours.

    @ Michael A - Посмотреть ату! ("View halloo!")

    @ Zabadak - too much of a good thing? Is that possible? But, but...hussars! ;)


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