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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Challenge Day 24 - Righteous Army and Warrior Monks

I had two entries posted on the Challenge blog yesterday. Normally I'd do separate posts here for them, but as both were for my Choson Korean army, it makes sense to do a combined post.

The two Challenge blog posts are here:

Righteous Army Command

Warrior Monks

To use my army in FoG:R for the Samurai invasion period (1592-98), I have to take some Righteous Army (6-40 bases) and some warrior monks (6-12 bases). I wanted to do the warrior monks for the Challenge as they would be fairly colourful and found that I had figures in the pile that would allow me to do two command stands - one for the Righteous Army, one for the warrior monks. So I prepped those figures as well. I'll do the Righteous Army later in the year, after the Challenge.

As with the rest of this army (apart from the heavy cavalry) I based the figures before priming and painting them. This isn't something I'd particularly recommend as it can make it tricky to get paint in the right places.

But you want the pics of them, so let's get on with that.

Righteous Army Command

Warrior Monks

Warrior Monks Command

Having got those out of the way, it was time to return to the Seven Years War Russians. I made a start last night on the grenadiers (2 regiments), just painting the green coats (mix of Bronze Green and Black Green). Today I've done the waistcoats and breeches (Vermillion); shirt collars, cuffs and stocking tops (Off White); gaiters (Black Grey); musket and flagpole wood (Flat Brown); and the ground of the base (Burnt Umber).

I'll be doing some more this evening (probably the flesh and hair), maybe the musket straps and leather belts as well. They are painting up much quicker than I expected. The one thing I am not looking forward to is painting the standards - the ones for the grenadiers are quite elaborate:

From the Kronoskaf web resource

At this rate, I may have the Russian infantry finished well before the end of January. As I wasn't planning to start the 6mm ACW until February, that may be just the time I need to paint up my ESU space fleet.


  1. You are getting far more done than me. I'm still in lazy-mode.

  2. Excellent work on these Koreans. Great commander too!

  3. Fantastic work on these guys Tamsin!

  4. Some damn fine painting Tamsin!! I remember painting that lovely flag when I had the 7YW Ruskies, its a bit of a pig to paint, I really wish Essex didn't have flags moulded onto their figures.......don't you??

  5. Still producing the good sin great abundance ! Congratulations Tamsin

  6. @ Whisk - you deserve to take it easy :)

    @ Dean - thanks! :)

    @ Rodger - glad you like them :)

    @ Ray - cheers! I am sooo not looking forward to painting the flags. It would be nice if Essex cast them with bare poles.

    @ Zabadak - great abundance is a good sin? Can a sin be good? Glad you like them :)