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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Challenge Day 10 - Excellent Progress

Today has been a very good day for making progress on the painting front. The artillery are finished and glued to their bases, and the cuirassiers only need a wash and varnish to be ready for basing. I'll probably do a little more work on the dragoons, horse grenadiers and generals later this evening.

Artillery and Cuirassiers

Still on the workbench:

I should finish these tomorrow, which will leave me in a good position to get the basing done on Tuesday.

I don't really want to start on the Russian infantry straight away, so I now need to figure out what to paint instead. I'm tempted to do the Korean warrior monks, but that would mean fitting in a prep session around painting and basing. Or I could do the pirate artillery as they are already prepped and primed. I also have some 15mm SciFi prepped, but I still haven't ordered the bases for these (I'll be painting them on the bases). Then again, my ESU space fleet are assembled and primed...

Decisions, decisions...


  1. Your motoring I see. I have to base up some Naps and started some 15mm Roman's hope to have them done before the week is out


  2. Looking and sounding good Tamsin.

  3. Personally I'd give Clint a scare and start painting those ESU spaceships. You know you want to take an early lead :-)

  4. Whatever you start will be the right choice. I have some 28mm figs to finish for Tuesday. Then more 28mm figs to do for the following Tuesday. So if you want to start starships go ahead I can't just yet though.

  5. Very nice. You gotta love a bright red gun carriage...

  6. +1 for the red gun carriage - very stylish!

  7. Keep plugging away, whatever you chose!

  8. So much choice, I'd go with whatever is te least stressful, ater you finish those excellent Cuirrasiers of course !

  9. Nice work on the 15mm cavalry!... i prefer 28mm my self.

  10. Forgot to reply yesterday! My bad.

    @ Ian - maybe, but my motoring is on a 49cc moped compared to Millsy and Dave. Looking forward to your 15mm Romans making their debut :)

    @ Dave - yup, and very nicely too :)

    @ Francis - cheers old chap :)

    @ Blax - well, that just wouldn't be cricket now, would it? ;)

    @ Clint - oh, it's the right choice, sure enough.

    ps - it's not the spaceships :)

    @ Millsy - yes indeed. Although they should be more of a brick-red than these came out, but that's life :)

    @ Miles - thank you :)

    @ Ray - plugging away at a steady pace is definitely my plan :)

    @ Zabadak - thanks. I've definitely opted for something low-stress. Provided the paint scheme works that is. :)

    @ Stefan - cheers! Will do :)

    @ Michael A - indeed I am. Sadly in the Wright brothers' plane when looked at alongside Messrs Docherty and Mills ;)

    @ Hobbyworker - thank you. 28mm? Hmmm, no thanks - I'd have to paint all the buttons and laces ;)


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