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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

WIP: Lorraine Knights #5

I've got a heck of a lot done this evening, and the painting is finally finished. Heraldic motifs have been hand-painted

Note to self: never, ever paint silly kerniggets again!

I've remembered to take pics before doing the Klear/ink coat. I've decided to avoid my normal mix which has brown ink as well as black, and will use a mix of Klear with black only. I'll do a test figure first to see how it looks.

Anyway, pics for you:


  1. What? No one with this CoA? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Grenville_Diptych_edit2.jpg

    Seriously, I think they look great.

  2. Very nice work! That cannot be easy...

  3. @ Brummie - cheers!

    @ Joseph - bleedin' 'eck, how on earth would someone paint that freehand? I'm not even sure you could really do it as a decal....

    @ Jonathan - it wasn't easy, which is why I put that "note to self"

  4. these look very nice. can't wait to see them done

  5. There is something I find so wonderfully attractive about this period; perhaps the colour and spectacle of it all. Fabulous work Tamsin, particularly the hand painted motifs.

  6. Looking good. The colour combination works.

    If you want a couple more, go to this site;
    Click France and then Lorraine on the map.
    It shows the vassels to lorraine
    It´s early crusades but the Heraldry holds in all cases until at least the 1700´s.
    No-one would use the coat of arms in Josephs link..not on the battlefield..
    PS..which canton for the swiss gunners? Uri? Do you need flags for them?

    1. Paul - the yellow and black are the basecoats for the armour and clothing. I'll be doing up 1 base in the colours of each of the 8 early cantons. When I get round to completing the army for FoG, there will be 20 bases (same for Xbows) so larger cantons will get extra bases and I may do a couple of bases in the colours of cantons which fought alongside but didn't join the confederation until later

  7. Beautiful!!! Truely awesome looking troops Tamsin. Very well done.

  8. Brilliantly detailed painting. In a previous existence I catalogued the heraldic library of a lately deceased Garter King of Arms and know all too well what a tangled extravaganza some continental achievements can be. Tremendous job of work by you there!

  9. Splendid stuff, they really do look the part, Tamsin!

  10. Very nice Tamsin. We should play a game once you're done.

  11. Thanks all - I'm pleased with the results and also pleased that I've finished painting them!

    @ AllanR - to be honest I think I went a bit OTT with the heraldry and would have been better off just doing a basic scheme. I did have to simplify the heraldry for Rene II though as there was no way I could get it all in at 15mm.

    That must have been a very interesting estate to catalogue.

    @ Seb - sure thing, once I've got my tourney games out of the way (or while I'm waiting for Simon F to become available).