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Saturday, 28 July 2012

WIP: 30YW Dragoons #2

And she crosses the line, the painting is done, another win for Wargaming Girl....

Well, it is the Olympics fortnight ;-)

I finished the painting and did the klear/ink coat last night and also got them based up. I've tried something slightly different with these to see if it would work. Normally I glue the figures onto the bases, wait for the glue to dry and then add the basing gunk - sometimes that is very fiddly to do. So, I decided to splodge the basing gunk all over the bases and then add the figures. The gunk I use is pretty adhesive and if this worked it would actually save quite a bit of time.

It worked. The figures are securely attached to the bases. Today I did the matt varnish spray, added tufts and then did the flocking.

"Hang on a minute, did she forget to dry-brush the basing texture?"

"*cough* errmm, it's a fair cop guv'nor!"

Looking at these bases alongside previous bases which have been dry-brushed, there's not much difference. On more crowded bases I can probably get away with skipping this step, but I might not be able to for less crowded ones (eg, light foot).

I also decided to make up a scenic base for doing photography on. The 2' x 2' board I made up a little while ago is in fact a little bit too big to use for day-to-day photography, but I wanted something I could use so I grabbed a couple of sheets of 5mm foamcore, one to use as the base and one for the backdrop. The base board got the following steps:

painted with Burnt Umber on one side
sprinkled with sand while paint wet
sand shaken off
allowed to dry
spotted it had warped
painted reverse with burnt umber
spotted it had warped in other direction
painted sandy side with Cocoa Bean
dry-brushed original side with Cappuccino
splotched 50% PVA in large patches and flocked
dabbed small patches of 50% PVA and added "Meadow Grass"
dabbed small patches of 50% PVA and added "Moorland Grass"

Does it look OK, or is there too much bare ground?

And pics of the Dragoons:

Do you prefer them on the scenic board or on the normal white?


  1. Tamsin, the dragoons look great and so does the board.

  2. I prefer the scenic board, there's not too much bare ground. It looks to me like you are good to go. Nice looking dragoons as well.

  3. Great result with the Dragoons. I prefer the scenic board. Its like seeing them in their natural habitat. :o)

  4. Nice looking troops Tamsin, and a great idea but the board too!!

  5. Nice Dragoons and board Tamsin!

    As to say...Citius, Altius, Fortius ;-)


  6. Board is good to go, also like th dragoons but the bases look a bit crowded (more down to the rules I think than your basing)


  7. Phew! The effort of making the board wasn't wasted then! :)

    @ Ian - I agree that the suggested basing for Dragoons in FoG:R does cause the bases to look crowded, similarly for artillery. I could probably have got away with using the standard bearer as the horse holder on the middle base, rather than having 2 mounted and 2 riderless horses.

  8. Both look really good to me