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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

WIP: Red Reiters #2; WIP: Swiss Mounted Xbows #4; On The Workbench

WIP: Red Reiters

Almost there - after last night's post I did the final bits of painting, gave the figures a Klear/ink coat then when it had dried I popped them from the sticks and glued them onto their bases. This evening I have added the basing gunk. Tomorrow morning I'll dry-brush the gunk and if the weather is OK for opening windows they'll get their matt varnish spray, allowing me to flock & tuft when I get home from work.

WIP: Swiss Mounted Crossbowmen

I managed to finish the basing last night - rocks glued on, static grass (Noch "Moorland Grass") added followed by some tufts (MiniNatur Early Fall Two-Colour and Early Fall With Leaves). The Moorland Grass looks more lush than I'd expected, so I may go back and add some Meadow Grass later on.

On The Workbench

Realising that I seem to be on a roll at the moment I was starting to run out of figures to paint so last night I started prepping some more figures. Looking at my borrowed Swiss army, I realised that I didn't have as many bases of handgunners as I might need, so I prepped the 16 I got in my initial batch of Swiss from Donnington. If you look at the pic below, the hush-hush troops I'd mentioned before are no longer hush-hush - the Swiss list for FoG includes a "Special Campaign" list for the Burgundian war of 1476 where you can add Rene II, Duc de Lorraine et Bar along with up to 8 bases of kerniggets. So, 27 tin-cans-on-horses to paint up.

They got prepped last night as well and all have been washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and dried. The handgunners and horses have been glued onto painting sticks. The riders are drying at the moment - given how late it is, I'll glue them onto the horses and glue the lances in tomorrow evening, before priming everything.

This evening I've done some more prepping - for my 30YW army this time. I've prepped and put to wash a battery of 2 field guns plus crews and a 3-base units of dragoons (10 horses, 4 riders and 6 dismounted dragoons).

If I have time tomorrow evening, I'll start work on the next regiment of reiters - I think these will be the Green regiment. I should be able to get them finished while the primer cures on the Swiss and Lorrainers.


  1. Great work, especially the little rocks and flowers on the base.

  2. Really like the basing on those mounted crossbows.

  3. You are such an impressive painter Tamisin. When do you have time to sleep.

  4. Some very nice work Tamsin, I too like the basing you have done.

    Keep up the rate if you can LOL


  5. Looking lovely... nice vibrant red... hard to do on small minis!

  6. Stunning work. Great output. The bases on the mounted xbows are just fantastic :D

  7. You're certainly more productive than me at the moment!

  8. Excellent basing Tamsin. Very very nice. Do you ever rest? You always seem to have heaps on the go.

  9. Thanks all! I like the basing even though the grass looks too uniformly green imho. As I said, I'll look at it again later when more of the army is completed.

    @ Anne and Rodger - I do find time to rest/sleep from somewhere. I'm not sure where, but somewhere :)

    @ dhcwargamesblog - to get that red I use Vermillion over a basecoat of Yellow Ochre (Vallejo Model Color paints).

  10. DAGGONE, you are a machine! Jealous of how quickly you work :)

    Really nice stuff too, sure sure you got plenty of others saying that but I got to too!

  11. Great work Tamsin, especially love the rocks and the flowers on the basing. Keep it up!
    I've also started to read one of your books, The Edda, sounds like I'm gonna enjoy it!! Cheers!