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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WIP: 30YW Artillery #1

Phew, it's hot! The last 2 days have been pretty bad for me. I don't like hot, sunny weather much - I'm a redhead so I burn to a crisp at the mere rumour of sunshine and the heat tends to make my chronic fatigue much worse. To cap it all, I've been moving a lab at work.

Last night I was able to relax over a couple of pints of shandy and 2 fun games of Saga. First game was a 3-point match against Mike. Unfortunately for my warband, my brain wasn't fully in gear and I made some tactical blunders which led to my warband being decimated very quickly.

The second game was a 4-player "Feast of Crows" scenario. Mike and Ian G both had Anglo-Danish warbands, Ian M was fielding Jomsvikings and I had my Vikings. I think this scenario would work better with an odd number of players as with 4 you tend to end up with 2 separate battles. My Vikings decided to take on Mike's Anglo-Danes and suffered badly from crappy dice. However, because the 2 of us did actually get stuck in, we ended up as winner and runner-up when the victory points were tallied. Yup - I got 2nd place despite only having 4 Hirdmen left out of my warband.

A couple of turns in - I've already lost a unit of warriors!

WIP: 30YW Artillery

I've made good progress on these this evening despite the heat making me lethargic. The carriages, wheel spokes, barrels and wheel rims have all been painted.
The crew have all had block colours done, just the detailing to do now, which I hope to get done tomorrow evening. I need to do some dry-brushing/weathering of the wood on the barrels and chests, and should probably do a bit of work on the flesh of the bare-chested crew figure.

Well, it's the pics you want, so here you go:


  1. Ray is saying it's so hot he has a reservoir in his underwear, the man is sick!

  2. Cheeky Git Fran! Nice work Tamsin, where did you get the cannon ball pile from?

  3. I've been enjoying your TYW project; things are coming along nicely!

    As to your weather, I can't say I'm envious. I also hate the summer and down here it can get a lot hotter! Also, it's a bugger to paint in; the paint dries on your brush and you end up with thick sludge instead of paint!

  4. @ Fran - too much information!

    @ Ray - they're from Donnington, pack comes with powder chest, barrel and pile. http://shop.ancient-modern.co.uk/artty05-gun-accessories-3063-p.asp

  5. Like the artillery, especially the piles of cannon balls. Adds a nice touch of realism.

    Ray and Fran are dirty old men. :P

    Weather wise, it's been bad here in the states, but was absolutely terrible when that wind storm knocked out everybody's power, during a heatwave. Imagine two days and a night in 90-100+ degree weather without the benefit of AC!

  6. Coming along. I havn't started my ECW guns yet so I might use yours for ideas. :o) This warm weather mean that its finaly stopped raining?

  7. The artillery coming along nicely... like them.

    I actually love the temperatures right now... no better weather to paint for me!

  8. Nice work on these so far. No the feeling was a bit to warm yesterday, Why can't we have nice settled sunshine instead of extremes all the time!

  9. Nice, I like the colorful artillery of the TYW.

  10. Played a three-player feast for crows a few weeks ago. Worked pretty well, think it brought new nuances (and rules interpretations!) into Saga.

    I won by the kill count despite having nothing left on the board!

  11. Sorry I'm a bit late. These are looking really nice. Nice work Tamsin.