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Saturday, 7 July 2012

WIP: Swiss Mounted Xbows and 30YW Reiters

I had a cracking night at the club yesterday. About 14 people turned up to play Saga and we discovered a faction that is even more devastating than the Jomsvikings at 1-2 points - the Normans. All they have to do is deploy their bow-armed levies and crossbow armed warriors at their back edge in the corners and keep shooting the crap out of you as you advance.

Saga Tip: if playing against them, try for maximum terrain and select options which can block line of sight!

Anyway, the bug that hit me last week came back again today although I seem to have shaken it off quicker this time so have been able to do some work on the reiters and mounted crossbowmen that I primed the other day. This evening I have done the white-wash undercoat and basecoats on the horses. The plan now is to get the mounted crossbowmen completely painted tomorrow - there are only 8 of them, so that should be feasible. I'll be doing black basecoats of the armour once I've posted this.


  1. "......and keep shooting the crap out of you as you advance"......it's what we aspire to!

  2. I really need to dig my Normans out, by the sound of it!

  3. I realy like the look of the reiters who are firing. Must resist SAGA....... must res..


  4. Beer and gaming woot woot. Saga hasn't got its claws into me yet but I have just succumbed to Empire of the Dead by Westwind. Great look units and I look forward to seeing them finished

  5. Buy some Normans then.......

  6. It was a great evening, good to meet you Tamsin, look forward to more Saga soon!

    Don't worry, those pesky normans are bearable...sometimes!


  7. There's a bloke I follow who is an avid player of SAGA and he got his hat handed to him by a bunch of Normans. It looks like a fun game.

    Happy painting!!

  8. @ Fran - you know you'll be catching the Saga bug when the next faction book includes Irish or Norse-Irish ;)

    @ Ray and Rodger - I might well get myself a Norman warband - just waiting until Conquest release their plastic infantry.

    @ Phyllion - bearable or beatable? *lol* I guess you can beat them if you can get close enough to charge whilst staying out of bowshot.

    @ Ian - they are nice sculpts. I think they'll be my next unit on the painting table.

    @ Brummie - yup, beer and gaming is a top combination :)

    @ Anne - it is a good fun game. Very quick and very bloody. Lovely to hear from you :)

  9. I rolled like a demon against you, Tamsin, there was little you could do. (I think my bow only got to shoot once, though?)

  10. Normans - yes, I thought they looked pretty decent when I watched a SAGA game with them in a few weeks ago! They're doing well to best the Jomsvikings - but it's such a fun game, isn't it!