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Friday, 27 July 2012

WIP: 30YW Artillery #3

Due to (I think) a combination of the current heat and the cold I've been carrying for a couple of days, plus the crappy sleep I've been getting over the last few nights, I found myself feeling dizzy and sluggish this afternoon at work, so headed home early and cancelled my FoG match. I've rescheduled it for next Thursday.

Anyway, after a choc ice, some cold drinks and a crash-out for a couple of hours I found myself feeling a little bit more human, so I finished off the artillery.

Last night I'd done the Klear/ink coat then transferred the figures and accessories to the gun bases. Big Mistake Number 1, as I realised when I went to do basing texture - they were quite tightly packed so adding  gunk would have been very difficult. Instead I decided to spread some 50% PVA over the base and sprinkle with sand/ore/gravel mix. Big Mistake Number 2 - it looked horrible and wouldn't have fitted in with the rest of the army.

So, this morning I'd decided to rebase the gun groups. After soaking the bases for a little while, I removed the guns, crews and accessories and gently brushed off excess gravel then set them aside to dry. I then glued the guns onto new bases and applied a thin layer of gunk before adding the figures and accessories. Once they'd had a few minutes to adhere I added blobs of gunk around figure bases and in other spots on the base.

This evening I dry-brushed the texture, matt spray varnished the groups, and flocked & tufted the bases. Finito....

....or so I thought. Clearly the gravel had ripped off some of the paint on one of the powder chests, so I've now gone back and touched it up.

In case you're wondering "why the heck is there a pikeman on one of the bases?", the answer is quite simple - he's going to be a standard bearer.
"OK, but why do you want a standard bearer on an artillery base?"
Well, in FoG:R artillery can be captured and turned on you by your opponent and you can recapture it and turn it back on them. Having a standard bearer will allow me to use flags to indicate current ownership.

Next up will be a 3-base unit of dragoons - 6 riderless horses, 3 mounted dragoons, 1 mounted standard bearer and 6 dismounted dragoons. I've done the whitewash for the horseflesh and will shortly be doing the saddle cloths as I've come to the conclusion that they are best done at this stage rather than later.


  1. Very nice artillery group!! I wish I can paint my FoG some day in the future!!


  2. The artillery looks great Tamsin. Thought the idea of flags for current ownership is an inspired idea! In fact, i don't think I've come across it before.

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    1. Grrrr...so many buttons...

      Nice artillery!:-)...ooops...I have to buy my ECW artillery...


  4. Glad your feeling a bit better, the artillery looks great

  5. The artillery looks fantastic Tamsin and none the worse for their troubled time.

  6. Great looking artillery. Like the idea of using the pikeman as a standard bearer