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Saturday, 21 July 2012

WIP: Lorraine Knights #6

As I didn't post yesterday you'll be treated to 2 posts today (or maybe 3 if I'm feeling generous).

The last pics you saw of the Lorraine knights was before I'd done the Klear/ink coat and transferred them from sticks to bases. Last night I was feeling wiped out and not up to painting, so I decided to do the basing gunk step. I added a little bit too much of the Earth Brown ink to the mix, so the gunk dried a bit darker than intended - the dry-brushing will lighten it down though.

Anyway, piccy time. I've chosen this angle so you can get a good look at the shield designs.

This afternoon I will be doing the dry-brushing, matt spray varnish, flocking and tufting. I will also be doing some touch-ups - on some figures the black ink had pooled in places and looks a little off. If I'd used my usual black-brown mix it would have just looked dirty and not needed correcting.

I'll probably get close to finishing the handgunners this evening, then I'll have to decide what to do next. I'll probably return to the second unit of Reiters, just to get them out of the way, then my 30YW artillery (to give me a break from horses).


  1. Stunning looking unit Tamsin. I really like your work on these guys.

  2. Great job - am looking forward to seeing them finished

  3. They look superb!!!
    Thanks for sharing