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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Back from the Club....

.... and my Swiss were victorious once again, this time over the French. Despite being heavily outgunned (well, out-crossbowed) and out-Knighted (my Lorrainers had gone off to scout for the elusive Burgundian army) my Confederation pikes managed to out-manoeuvre and outfight their opponents for another good win.

I did take a few pics, but this is the only one which didn't come out too blurry:

As you can see from the above pic, my skirmishers had managed to draw off half of Elliot's knights, allowing one of my pike blocks to make kebabs of the other two units (one of which broke - the one you can see running away). The other pike blocks were left with pretty weak opposition - 2 groups of medium foot crossbowmen. One of those broke in the final melee (and turned to red mist as it couldn't rout - it had suffered a rear charge by my mounted crossbowmen).

What you can't see is the other lot of crossbowmen I'd broken gradually with massed shooting a couple of turns before.

Overall a good game, and amazingly 2 wins in a row for me in the club tournament. Just one more match, against Seljuk Turks, to complete the group stage.


  1. Looks like you've found your army. Well done. The Turks could be a tough nut but good luck

  2. Good to see the Swiss performing up to their high standards.

  3. Those Swiss pikemen facts are funny!

  4. Well done on the win. The Swiss facts where indeed funny

  5. well done Tamsin. Looks like you're going to be on round 2

  6. Great stuff Tamsin. You are on a roll.

  7. Congratulations on another win Tamisin. Teach those boys how it's done!

  8. Great stuff and congrats on the second win

  9. Cheers guys and gal! It's definitely a good feeling to be winning for a change :)

    @ Graham C - I think I'm going to have to adopt a defensive strategy against them - big blocks of pike with rear support, IC to give bonus on any cohesion tests from shooting, field fortifications, go for an earlier list and maximise crossbows

    @ Seb - it certainly looks that way. It should be interesting as I'll be facing a couple of people I've never played against before.

    @ Anne - I would teach them, if only I knew how I'd actually managed it. Can you teach "pure fluke"? ;)