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Saturday, 7 July 2012

WIP: Swiss Mounted Xbows #2

A very productive day with these:

  • black basecoat on armoured areas - done last night
  • dry-brushed armour with Oily Steel - done last night
  • painted visible flesh (hands, neck) - done last night
  • manes, tails, muzzles and cannons of horses - done last night
  • ink wash on horses
  • horse face and leg markings
  • horse tack
  • ground colour on figure bases
  • yellow ochre undercoat on fabric areas - it was as I did this that I spotted that the riders had an armoured "belly" piece. Grrr! Need to go back over those with black and Oily Steel
  • Boots/shoes
  • Tunics and breeches
  • Belt gear and scabbards
  • wood of crossbows
  • metal details
  • touchups
  • Klear/ink coat
  • basing gunk

Phew! That just leaves the following to be done:

  • matt varnish spray
  • dry-brush base texture
  • flocking and tufting

Hmmm - those got done pretty quick. I might just have to prep up the "hush-hush" figures from the No-Longer-Secret Project to get them onto the table in the club compo. In the meantime, I'll make a start on one of the Reiter regiments.


  1. These are looking great Tamsin, and at least you caught the missing armour before you varnished them!

  2. Awesome Tamsin!! These are great looking stands.

  3. My God woman, you're productive!! This is a lot to do in one night and they've come out looking great.

  4. Nice work! You have been busy

  5. Cheers all!

    I must admit that I was surprised by how much I got done yesterday, but then I remembered how quickly I got my Sarmatian light horse done a long while back. I even got several steps done on the Reiters after posting, and might even be close to finishing them by close of play tonight.