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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Post #200!! WIP: 30YW Green Reiters #3

Yup, that's right - this is my 200th post. As this is my 204th day of blogging, that's only just under 1 post per day. I keep getting new followers and my page view rate seems to be going up still, so I'm obviously not boring the pants off you all.

Anyhoos, onto the important bit of this post - update on the Reiters.

Well, I've actually got a lot more done today than I'd thought I would. The painting is all done, the figures have had Klear/ink coat, been transferred to bases and the basing gunk has been applied. All that's left is the dry-brushing, matt spray varnish and flocking & tufting. Zoiks!

Next up will be the first group of my 30YW artillery - I'll probably do the basecoats on the gun barrels and cannonball stacks later on.


  1. Congrats on 200 Tamsin, well done my girl!

  2. Well done on 200 posts, The cavalry looks great

  3. Bloody hell, 200 posts already!!! That's some going!!! Well done!!!

  4. 200 posts, you've been busy!

    And your green reiters look really well!

  5. Busy busy busy.You're lucky to have time both to paint and post.

    Nice reiters by the way



  6. Cheers guys! If I'd been asked when I started the blog if I'd have kept it up for this long, I'd probably have said "no", so it is testament to you guys that I'm still here.

    @ Seb - I usually use the time while paint is drying (or when I just need a brush-break to do my blog stuff.

    Glad you all like the figures :)