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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WIP: Red Reiters #3; On The Workbench

WIP: Red Reiters

"Yay!" to some warm dry weather when I got up this morning - I was able to do the matt varnish spray on these (I'd dry-brushed the basing texture last night). This evening I have done the flocking and tufting - they're finished!

On The Workbench

Last night I did some pre-painting of bases - eighteen 40x20mm which I'll need for basing my Swiss handgunners and crossbowmen as well as the rest of my 30YW foot regiments. I still need to do some more of this size, as well as a load of 40x40mm bases for artillery, dragoons, ambush markers and camp pieces.

This evening I've been gluing the prepped figures onto painting sticks (40x40mm bases for the field guns), gluing riders to horses, then gluing lances and shields in place. Doing the shields was unbelievably fiddly - I'm wondering if that was due to the superglue I was using - next time I'll try a more gloopy type.

Once they were all glued and the glue had had time to cure, I primed them all with grey gesso. So, my painting list for the next few days is:

Medieval Swiss
27 Knights for my Lorraine contingent
16 handgunners

3 bases of dragoons - 4 horses with riders, 6 horses without riders, 6 dismounted dragoons
Artillery - 2 field guns, 8 crew, 2 piles of cannonballs, 2 powder chests, 2 budge barrels

And here are the whole lot in glorious grey:


  1. Nicely done REiters

    busy busy busy then by the looks of it.

  2. Finished, and looking really splendid indeed, Tamsin. You're a painting machine!! Just looking at the next contingent is daunting! Very best of luck with the next lot!

  3. Always busy I see. Nice result, Tamsin

  4. Excellent miniatures. Do you always use grey as a foundation?

  5. Yup, busy-busy as always. I reckon this little lot should keep me going for a week or two.

    @ Schrumpfkopf - I use grey for my 15mm, black for 25/28mm and used white for the 6mm I painted last year. I do that because of the scale-shift on colour perception - as figures get smaller you need to use lighter/brighter tones to get the same effect.
    OK, and that grey was the only gesso colour in the shop when I first bought some. On my Saga Vikings I used the Vallejo black PU primer instead which worked OK for them.

  6. Nicely finished. Funny how anoother set rolls into place once you get close to finishing something. Makes me think your lead mountin is not as large as most of us have!!


    1. Ian - that may well be true, but as I have only been back in the hobby for a year that is only to be expected. I'm sure it will continue to grow faster than I can paint it all.

  7. Very nice. I quite like the businesslike poses on these figures. What rules do you use with these?

    1. thanks Curt - when I glued them onto the bases the pose screamed out to set them up like that so I did. I'll be using my 30YW army for FoG:R as that is what is played at my club.

  8. Excellent final result on these figures. You paint a lot and fast. Interesting what you tell about the undercoat colours you use. I'm always using white for my 20mm (1/72) scale figures. Might give the black a go on my 1/32 figures.