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Sunday, 22 July 2012

WIP: Swiss Handgunners #4; WIP: 30YW Green Reiters #2

The handgunners are finished - basing gunk has been dry-brushed, figures have had matt varnish spray, flocking and tufting done, pics of the finished bases taken:

30YW Green Reiters

I did a little bit of work on these last night:
cuirasses and gun barrels basecoated Black then dry-brushed with Oily Steel
saddle cloths and coats painted with Flat Green
breeches painted with German Dark Green
faces painted with Flesh Base

Today I'll be doing the carbine and pistol stocks, horse markings, horse tack, pistol holsters, belts, hair, boots & gloves, hats, metal detailing....

Oooh, that will just leave the Klear/ink, transfer to bases and all the basing bits left to do.

Anyway, here's some quick pics of current state.


  1. Excellent work.
    I like the handgunners basing.
    To say the truth I' m tempted by TYW, plastic 28mm...but ECW is enough...;-)


  2. Top jobs. You have been busy this weekend!

  3. Nice work Tamsin, love your basing technique!

  4. Nice work, those handgunners look great

  5. Cheers all!

    @ Marzio - well, if you make your ECW generic enough you can always use them for later 30YW

    @ Brummie - I have indeed and I will be posting again later on.

    1. Too late...my first two regiments are "English style"...;-)


  6. Great basing as Ray says although I don't like agreeing with him....

  7. Well done! I particularly like the wildflowers on the handgunners' bases.

  8. Like the handgunners :)

    Basing is brilliant
    How did you get he flower effect in 15mm?

    1. Bleedin' 'eck, a comment on this old post!

      The "flowers" are MiniNatur "tufts with leafs" (their spelling, not mine!)