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Thursday, 26 July 2012

WIP: 30YW Artillery #2

I finished painting them tonight, and took a couple of pics before giving them their Klear/ink coat. A bit later on I'll pop them off the sticks and add them to the gun bases.

And a couple of close-ups to show the extra shading I've done on bare-chested-guy.

I won't get any painting done tomorrow as I've got my second game in the club's FoG medievals competition against Elliot's "Medieval French". Looking at the list, he will mainly have knights and Medium Foot crossbowmen, so I think I may have to revise my army list and adopt a more defensive strategy. I think an "Inspired Commander" may be in order to provide the "invisible aura of protection" from his shooting.


  1. followed, i see many blog like this, nice work

  2. Nice work. Please remember you camera :D

  3. Very nice work on the crews Tamsin. Good luck for the game.