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Monday, 23 July 2012

WIP: 30YW Green Reiters #4

And they are finished:
basing texture dry-brushed
sprayed with matt varnish

So, here they are, in all their glory:


  1. Beautiful work. An excellent looking unit Tamsin.

  2. TYW is growing...by the way...are you on holiday? So many painted miniatures...;-)


  3. They look great, very inspiring!

  4. Slow down, I can't keep up!!! Great work Tamsin!

  5. A painting machine Tamsin and a quality machine, great work.

  6. thanks peeps!

    @ Marzio - they were all in progress to different degrees and I had the weekend clear, which is how I got them all finished.

    @ Ray - having done a count of everything I've painted over the past 6-and-a-bit months, I wouldn't have managed even a third of the points total you achieved in Curt's challenge, so stop telling me to slow down and get on with painting that Mouse Mage :)

    @ Fran - I am not a machine!! Errmm, hang on a sec, a resistor just blew and a cog fell on the floor.
    ZOMG - I am a machine! Zoiks!