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Thursday, 12 July 2012

WIP: Green Reiters #1

As I can't start painting the figures I primed yesterday yet (the gesso needs at least 24 hours to fully cure) I decided to make a start on the next regiment of Reiters for my 30YW army. Unfortunately I've picked up yet another cold and the snottiness meant I didn't manage to do much this evening - the shading wash on the horse flesh is done and also the black-wash for their manes, tails, muzzles and cannons. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get more done. Once this regiment is finished I'll start work on the knights and the handgunners as I'll need them shortly.

Anyway, here's a pic for your perusal:

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  1. Tamsin , I have to salute your and hard work keeping the production line of figures going !! Look forward to seeing your 30YW completed . I am still plodding through my first anicent army!