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Monday, 2 July 2012

6 Month Review and Plans for the Future

Wow! It really is 6 months since I started this blog and what a rollercoaster ride it's been. I'm amazed by how many followers I've gained and page views I've received in that short time compared to some more well-established blogs I follow - there are several that I really should pimp out to you guys so that they get the recognition they deserve especially as many of them are the ones that had inspired me to start mine.

So, the June Stats:

Page Views: 24050 (5048 in June - slightly down on the May numbers)
Followers: 191 (20 new in June)
Posts: 177 (28 in June, just under 1 per day)

Since posting my Prize Draw yesterday morning, I've gained 10 new followers - welcome to the asylum guys, meds are dispensed three times daily by the sadis..., ermm, nurse and you can collect your lovely long-sleeved jacket which does up at the back from reception, an orderly will escort you to your padded room shorty.

I had hoped that I might have made it to 25k page views before the end of June, but I guess I'm not enough of a blog-whore yet. I may also have hindered myself with my current Saga warband diversion - if I'd carried on with my 30YW stuff I'd have been "advertising" the finished units on TMP which would have boosted my hit-rate.

So, what are my plans for July:


Original Secret Project part 1 - I need to paint up a small unit from this project to use in the club's Medievals tournament. Oh drat, that probably gives the game away on what this Secret Project is to those with good memories (or the patience to scan back through the blog)
Vikings - they're in a playable state now but need to be finished off (matt varnish, basing)
30YW - get enough painted to be able to field a 650 point army for FoG:R - need to paint up some harquebusier/reiter cavalry, some more foot, dragoons, artillery, commanders and camp bits. Hmmmm, "camp" bits - no, no, no, I must not paint a pink-jacketed regiment.....
Prize Draw painting - no idea what this will be as it depends on the winner(s)
15mm SciFi - finish painting the Chewks, Battlebots and Space Demons. Assemble the A7V kit I bought and accessorise it as the Chewk's sandcrawler


FoG:AM - I need to get my 3 first-round games in the club's Medieval tournament out of the way
Saga - I hope to get several games in this month - we have a session at the club lined up for this Thursday
FoG:R - I doubt I'll get my enough painted up to use myself, but I'd like to at least sit in on a couple of games to get a feel for how the rules differ from FoG:AM
Tomorrow's War - It's been a few months since we played, so it would be good to get a few games in one evening


I'm hoping to try something new this month - book reviews. Even with my hectic painting regime (so much lead and resin, so little time!) I do a lot of reading. On the tube going to and from work, during breaks at work, in the evenings before going to bed so I do get through a lot of books. Curently I'm reading "Death of Kings" by Bernard Cornwell (book 6 of the Uhtred series - you'd never guess I'm on a Saga bug at the moment) and David Chandler's "The Art of Warfare on Land" (yup, that coffee-table classic - unfortunately the 2000 paperback reprint with B&W photos, not the original hardback with lovely colour photos).


  1. You've done really well, puts my humble efforts to shame. Just a small list of things planned for the future then . I enjoyed the Cornwell books, currently almost at the end of vol. 4 of Game of Thrones!

  2. Congrats on the blogging success. Puts me to shame, you deserve it though the amount you do. Look forward to the book reviews.

  3. The fact that you paint regularly and post about it helps keep the posts coming thick and fast. My gaming activities - playing, painting and stuff - tend to skip around and come and go, which means I have to force myself to do posts sometimes. On the plus side I post stuff that can be written in advance, and then scheduled :)

    Anyway, congratulations on the first six months. Oddly enough you're about a couple of weeks ahead of me (and well ahead on stats).

  4. Nice stats Tamsin! I need to re-read the first 3 Cornwell books before I read the newest ones, I couldn't tell you what happened in the first few. Mind you I've gotta finish Game of Thrones first, I'm halfway through A Feast for Crows!!

  5. Congrats on the milestone. I'm my experience if you've made it to six months them you're in it for the long haul.

  6. Congrats on a great blog. Good idea adding a 'what you are reading'. Haven't read the latest Cornwall book yet as still on volume 4 of game of thrones

  7. Well Tamsin, that's pretty impressive stats, and good luck on your next project, lots of foot to paint ;)

  8. You have a well rounded blog, not only do you paint like a demon (allowing for plenty of posts) but you get to play so battle reports are often enough to grab us as well. Book reviews would be a great adition.

    I agree with Lee, once the six months is past you tend to stick at it, which is good cos your good LOL


  9. Impressive stats Tamsin. I too enjoy the Cornwell books. Have read most of his work.

  10. Those Bernard Cornwell books are great, and are partly what inspired me to get involved in Saga.

  11. Tamsin, you've got so much projects on the go that it's a wonder that you have time to do a job and blog as well! But keep the posts coming, congrats on the stats, always something worthwhile to read or look at it.

    I'm currently reading (very sporadically) Conan's Brethern which is a collection of stories of the other fantasy heroes created by Robert E Howard. But once Ruarok hurries up and finishes Book 5 of A Song of Fire and Ice I'll be starting that

  12. Thanks everyone. As Kingsleypark observes, I do have a lot of projects on the go - I expect that's very much down to having only just got back into the hobby and needing to get myself some armies together to play with. If only I could go back in time and make use of all those wasted years to get my minis painted up....