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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WIP: Swiss Handgunners #2

The Lorraine Knights have had their Klear/ink coat and been transferred from painting sticks to their final bases. Looking at them now, I probably could have used my normal black/brown ink mix, but they'll do as they are. I was going to do the basing gunk this evening, but realised it might not have fully dried overnight and I'm going to need them for my FoG match tomorrow evening. I'll do the gunk on Friday instead and hopefully will get the basing finished on Saturday.

Instead I cracked on with the handgunners:
armour and gun barrels dry-brushed with Oily Steel
brigandines painted in various leathery colours
handgun stocks painted in Mahogany Brown
sleeves and leggings painted in cantonal colours (I've done one base for each of the first 8 cantons of the Confederation)

Once I've posted this, I'll do the hands and faces, and the ground colour on the bases then call it a night. On Friday I'll be doing the turbans, hoods, boots and equipment.

I wish Donnington would add a couple more sculpts for these and the crossbowmen to add a little more variety - at the moment there are only two sculpts:
chainmail and sallet, firing
brigandine, hood down, advancing

Quick pic:


  1. cool, those handguns are much cooler than the modern handguns probable because the modern ones are tiny

  2. nice start on this unit. Its a such a small scale you'd think they'd sell more that way as people would have more variety amongst there units

  3. They should look good with the mix of colours to civer up the lack of mixed poses


  4. Looking good, the random way you've based them looks great.